Bello Capti

Bello Capti

This is a group story written by me and my good friend dracoluvverXD

The title might sound a little odd, thats because its in Latin!
It sounds Fight and Hunt:)

Hope you like it:)

Chapter 4

Sometimes the Best Idea is the Most Obvious One

When I heard the door click behind the hunters back I forced my eyes open taking in a shaky breath as I did so I could already feel the vervaina running through my system, but I knew I had to fight threw it, if I didn’t than I wouldn’t have any hope of getting out of here.

I pulled myself up slightly so I was in more of a sitting position, grimacing at the amount of effort each moment was costing me. When I looked around the room I realised why the vervaina was taking such a dramatic effect on me. I was in a room full of it. This hunter sure wasn’t messing around.

Most vampires would be long gone in a situation like this but when the vampire bounty hunters had worked alongside the hunters we had to learn to handle being around vervaina. It was a powerful weapon against vampires. Unfortunately all of that training didn’t stop every ounce of my body from wanting to pass out.

I lifted a shaky hand to wipe away a bead of sweat and took another look around my ‘prison’. It was a small room with only one door. A door that no doubt lead into the main hall of the house. Inconvenient if I was trying to escape but not impossible. As for me, I was chained to the wall by my arm. In most situations like this I wold just rip the chain of the wall, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t work out too well with the vervaina in my system. Still, it couldn’t help to try…
I put my free hand on the chain and pulled with all of my might. All I manage to do however was drain what little strength I had left. Meaning I was now worse off than before. I leaned back and closed my eyes for a bit, trying to regain my composure and breathe in some air that didn’t contain vervaina, if there was any. I had to think this through rationally.

Why was I alive? from what I had seen of this hunter he was more of a kill and ask questions later type of guy, The same as most hunters in this time, he had killed Daniel without a seconds thought and the worst thing I could see him doing in front of this hunter was get drunk and flirt. As for the amount of vervaina he had… well let’s just say it wasn’t an ‘I just want to knock them out’ amount. So why not just kill me when I was weakened, I doubt he thinks I have information, men of this time always underestimate janes, and although I was attractive like all vampires, I wasn’t the type of doll men of these times liked. If I could just find out his motive for letting me live I’m sure I could find a way out of here.

I tried one last time to pull my arm away from the wall. Not really expecting anything to happen. I wasn’t going to waste time looking for the key to this thing, I knew better than to think he would leave the key anywhere near me. I lifted my bound hand up to my face and examined the cuff. It had a small key hole in it. As I looked at it I heard the voice of William in my head ‘there’s always something you can use. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.’
My hair pins, I lifted a hand up to my hair, most of it had fallen out in the process of being brought here but it didn’t take me long to find a pin that had kept its place. I brought it down to the key hole and began to try and unlock it, cursing my shaking hands as I did so. I knew that if I didn’t get out of this room soon I would pass out for real.

Just as I was about to give up I heard the click that meant my hair pin had kajdfiajflicked the switchlaksdjfisdaj in the lock. I smiled with success and began lifting myself up using the near table as support, being careful not to touch any of the dreaded plant as I did so. When I was confident my feet could hold me I began heading towards the door.

When I reached it I moved out into the hall without bothering to check if the coast was clear, this proved to be a mistake.
“Where do you think you’re going doll?” my capturer said as he grabbed my waist and slung me over his shoulder. I let out a feeble kick trying to escape causing him to laugh at my hopeless attempt at escape before taking me back into the room.

“What… what will you do with me?” I said as he sat me down and began re-chaining me to the wall
“after that little display of yours you haven’t left me with much of a choice have you?” he smirked as he ran his hand along the floor until he came across my hair pin, cursing himself for not thinking of it before when he chained me up.

“You aint no dumb Dora are you, don’t worry, I’ll get rid of all of these in no time, but first things first.” I watched as he brought the vervaina up into the light
“sleep well doll” he whispered as I felt the vervaina enter my system and send me into a slumber.

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