Bello Capti

Bello Capti

This is a group story written by me and my good friend dracoluvverXD

The title might sound a little odd, thats because its in Latin!
It sounds Fight and Hunt:)

Hope you like it:)

Chapter 3

Captive and Chained

It was the scream that brought me back, it punctured the night air. High pitch and coming from a tone that orginated from pure-fear. I followed to where I knew I heard the scream and found myself in that alley.

There were two bodies sprawled out on the ground, I ran for the man who was much closer. As my feet slightly touched the ground, I saw his chest was not moving. He was still and stiff. The aroma of giggle water was very strong, distinct. Only coming from this one man, I could tell he had been ossified.

I bent down towards the doll, she moaned slightly and turned her head to look at me.

"Don't take any wooden nickles," I whispered sharply as her beautiful green eyes slowly closed.

I tilted her chin towards me, and her skin was cold to the touch. I sighed softly and took another look at her, only now realizing what exactly she was. Her hair was spread unto her face, a deep brown that fell into curls.

She held a certain quality about herself, gentleness almost. I almost felt sorrow for having to bump her off.

"You sure arn't any Jane," I whispered, and slowly reached out for her. I was surprised no bell-bottom havn't investigated what the scream exactly was. Small ships get to port rather late, and sailors are known for being owls. But I didn't want to chance it and have to come up with a nifty lie for this situation.

I slowly and carefully reached under her, grabbing a good hold on her and drawing her to me. Her weight was nothing, in my training I always had excellent strength. Being able to lift weights came easy to me.

I walked out of the darken alley, the city was bathed in darkness. Blackness taking almost every corner, I quickly slipped away from the scene and headed to my car. It was a cherry-red 1921 Rolls Royce, it sat alone in the empty street. I put the girl on the seat right next to me, not caring if it looked comfortable or not. I was just glad we both fit. I shut the door behide me and gripped the steering wheel. The car hummed, as the engine rumbled. I hit my foot againt the gas pedal and we began to move toward my house.

After I had gotten the girl out of my car and into the house, I slowly carried her down the concrete stairs to a large hallway. It smelt of mildew and was littered with crushed vervaina stems.

I ambled towards the first room I saw and was met with an over-whelming burst of vervaina plants. I thought it would be smart to grow them instead of having to pay vampire hunter for a bunch. It was something alot of hunters wanted and very easy to trade.

Vervaina was a very powerful plant towards vampires, these things hate this plant. It can be very painful to them, if used in the correct way. Though that wasn't my goal just yet, I wanted to think this whole thing through and think about what I was going to do with this dame.

As I sat her down on the ground, I connected her wrist to a metal chain. Of course, a vampires strength could break this but by the time she trys the vervaina would have made her very weak.

I walked towards the door frame and heard her stir, so I smirked and stopped at the doorway. She awoke with a start, and sucked in a sharp gasp of air. I just laughed and turned to face her.

"Wh..Why am I her..he..hear? I don't k..know fro..from nothing," the girl mumbled softly, it was almost a whisper. I just smiled up at her, already assuming she didn't have any infomation. I watched as she realized she was chained and tried yanking on the metal.

"Oh dry up, and don't try to fight it. It's no use, save your last ounces of energy." I spoke softly, and looked down to find her still trying to pull on the chain

"Wh..What did I do? We have kept peace with the hunters, you were the one that killed my friend. I wa..watched." She replied quickly, her voice flowed through the room and it echoed off the walls.

"That thing? It was a waste of space," I spat in disgust and watched as her eyes fluttered.

Slowly closing once more,"Sweet dreams," I whispered at her and strided out of the room.

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