Bello Capti

Bello Capti

This is a group story written by me and my good friend dracoluvverXD

The title might sound a little odd, thats because its in Latin!
It sounds Fight and Hunt:)

Hope you like it:)

Chapter 2

He Got Himself Killed

“We shouldn’t have gone hunting so soon before this” I announced as we entered the joint, my eyes fell on Daniel who was walking on my left. Daniel raised his eyebrows at me before running his eyes down my dress. I hated the fact that i had to dress like a flapper. The fassion from this era was too revealing for my likeing, but there wasnt anything i could do about it. vampires stood out enough already without dressing in the clothes that were in fasion when we were turned.
“Are you questioning my authority Marcelle?” William asked from in front of me. his tone was calm and formal but you could hear the threat behind it. Thats how william was, out of all of us he blended in the least, none of us except frank truely fat in in this time. We were all in order of status. William, the oldest and our leader was at the front, me and Daniel just behind him and frank was taking up the rear. To most humans we would appear a group of friends having a night out, but there was nothing fun about tonight. We were here for business and business only.
“It’s not your authority im questioning. More the decisions of other people.” I gave a pointed look at the blood on Daniels shirt.
“Oh for god’s sake Daniel, go clean yourself up.” William said rolling his eyes.
“You two are such wet-blankets. Loosen up a bit. It’s just a small stain. We should wear our kills with pride. Any way if anyone does see it they’ll just think its wine.” I rolled my eyes at Daniels cocky tone, wet blankets? it sounded so wrong coming out of his mouth it was laughable. Daniel saw my eye roll and grinned at me, opening his shirt a little wider to reveal the blood one of these days he was going to get himself killed
“let’s split up, Marcelle you take frank and show him the ropes of the stake out, Daniel, look through the tight dance crowds, ill check the perimeter.” William said before disappearing into the shadows, Daniel smiled at a group of Janes in the crowd and headed to the dance floor. I turned to frank and smiled at him encouragingly, this was his first time on a mission.
“Looks like it’s just you and me. We’ll get onto high ground, don’t pull attention to yourself.

“So that’s why you didn’t think we should hunt before coming here?” frank said. We were currently standing on a balcony outside of the darkly lit joint looking down on an ally way. Looking down on Daniel getting staked by a hunter.
“That’s why” I stepped back into the shadows, not wanting to be seen by the hunter when he turned away from his kill. I could feel a lump in my throat at the way he kicked Daniels ashes aside. All i wanted to do was jump down there and finish him off, but i couldnt. If i did the hunters would have reason to declear fully blown war on vampires.
“So what are you going to do about it?” frank asked running a hand through his overly gelled ginger hair. his eyes flashing red as he did so.
“Nothing we have a job to do.” I turned to walk back into the joint. “Daniel was a rag-a-muffin anyway. His not worth getting upset about” even as the words came out of my mouth I could hear the lie behind them. Daniel was a reckless, sexist pain, but I had been working with him for seventy five years, and everyone in a while he would shine through for me.
“Even if he isn’t those hunters are. They have been picking us off for ages. You could easily take that drugstore cowboy down, why don’t you?” frank claimed grabbing my arm and stopping me from leaving. He looked me in the eyes harshly. I sighed, alothough he was right he was also very wrong. There weren’t many hunters who could take me on. When I had first been turned and recruited into the vampire bonty hunters they hadn’t been confident about using woman. Because of that I had made sure that I would be so good at what I did that they would have no option but to acknowledge me rather than just thinking of me as some dolled up Jane to sit at base on the type writer, but i couldnt make any moves on the hunter unless my existance was in danger.
“It’s not our job to deal with the hunters. We have a job to do and we are going to do it. If we leave them alone long enough hopefully they’ll realise we arent all bad and go back the way they were before.” I took one last look over my shoulder and down onto what remained of Daniel’s ashes before stepping into the joint. I needed some boot leg to get the image of his body out of my mind.
“The way they were?” frank was close at my shoulder looking curious. Frank was a young vampire, only turned ten or twenty years ago. He was nineteen years old in human years, and would remain nineteen for the rest of existence. but it would take him a while to catch up on the history of our race.

“The hunters weren’t always cold blooded killers, they used to work with the VSM not against us, that all changed in the war though. now instead of just hunting rouges they hunt everyone” I adjusted my pin curls not wanting to talk about the war any more than we had too. it had been a bad time for everyone. truely deserving of the name the great war. Frank opened his mouth, obviously wanting to ask a question but was cut off by the appearance of William.
“I found him; he is standing outside by the fire escape. Should be an easy kill. You’re up Marcelle.” I stood up, adjusting my dress as I did so. “Do you know where Daniel is?” william asked. I pointed over my shoulder at the balcony. I walked down and out of the club, hearing William swear at the sight in front of him as I did. I knew he wouldnt care too much though, all willaim cared about was himself. as long as he got the pay he was fine.

“Hey there doll, how can I help you?” our man was leaning against the fire escape, obviously ‘out of it’. He ran his eyes up and down my body as i aproched him. I laughed inwardly at myself. i was an object. used by vampires for my body. used so we could get our kill.
“but me?” I asked, smiling at him as I did, the slang sounding wrong comming from my mouth. He gave me a knowing smile and pulled out a cigarette. I stepped forward and took it from him. He grabbed me around the waist as I did so, pulling me in closer to him. His alcohol filled breath dancing on my face. I held back a gag. “So what’s an egg like you doing out here alone. Shouldn’t you have a doll somewhere?” I asked stepping closer to him.
“Nupp. Just me tonight.” he said, slurring his words as he did. I grinned, good; no one will be looking for him.
“Perfect”. I pulled him around the corner and out of the veiw of anyione passing by.

“Sooo babe” he drooled stepping into me his eyes filled with lust “cash or check?” I stepped away from him, repressing a laugh when he stumbled drunkenly forward. This man was on a lot more than alcohol.
“Sorry booze hound, banks closed.” I spat, I saw William and frank block the escape routes out of the corner of my eye. “You’ve gotten yourself into a bit of a pickle old boy. I’m here to sort that out” his eyes widened at my words as he backed into the wall
“you some gun moll or something? Who sent you?” I let out a small laugh, he really thought i was a mob wife.
“this isn’t about money. This is about the secrecy contract you broke. My boss doesn’t take kindly to his secrets being revealed.” I stepped forward, letting my fangs down as I did. The man shook in fear as he took in my once blue eyes, now a dark red.
“Pl…please… I didn’t… I don’t want to die” I hesitated. I always hated this part. the feeling of sucking his life out of him. People like william found it inpowering. i foung it sick. I felt myself be pushed aside as william grabbed the man by his neck. the man let out a blood curdling scream before William snapped his neck.

“What was that Marcelle? You know we can’t risk hesitation. these jobs need to be quick and clean." he hissed at me, walking over to frank as he spoke "Someone will be coming to follow up that scream any minute now. You better clean up this body or there with be hell to pay when you get back to base." I nodded before frank and William disappeared of into the shadows. I approached the dead man, my fangs still extended. I hadn’t even known his name. I bent over him and attached my fangs to his neck, taking a big gulp as I did so. I realised too late that there was something of about this blood, it was too sweat. Whatever this man had been taking before we found him was in his bloodstream and there for in mine. I quickly released his neck, but it was too late. I could feel my vision going blurry as an unnatural high settled over me. I let out a high giggle and slumped against the wall next to the man. I had just enough time to register footsteps and yelling before I passed out.

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