Bello Capti

Bello Capti

This is a group story written by me and my good friend dracoluvverXD

The title might sound a little odd, thats because its in Latin!
It sounds Fight and Hunt:)

Hope you like it:)

Chapter 1

Wearing a Mask

"Would you look at that doll, boy oh boy," murmered Louis. He took a long drag of his cigar trying to hide his smirk. He always went for any girls that would fall enough for his charms. I had to admit, he actually looked fine tonight with his hair slicked back.

"Jocelyn, sweetheart come and join us lonely men."

I spoke loud enough, and waited for her to make her way across the room to where we were sitting. I knew how to talk to dame's but more importantly I was respectful towards them. My father was a very respected man from our small town in Georgia, he owned a small plantation that overlooked a beautiful valley---

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Jocelyn's soft voice whisper into my ear.

"Wesley, dance with me? Harry is out front showing his friends his new breezer and I'm quite lonely."

I winked towards Louis, and turned my attention towards Jocelyn. She stood there, as if she knew I wouldn't say no to her. I never understood the need for dame's to wear makeup that excessively. She was a natural beauty, with her red, fiery hair falling past her shoulders. Her blue eyes almost seemed to sparkle under the light's of the club.

I heard Claire's voice from on stage, coming out smooth and natural. Her voice flowing with the drums, singing that Louis Armstrong song. That doll could sing and she knew it, she came here every friday night to sing with the band. She had beautiful lips that shaped perfectly on her face, we had some heated nights together in the back of her father's car. We had some good times in the Struggle Buggie, but of course it only lasted for a small bit. Even though my father taught me to always respect dolls', sometimes it didn't always matter.

"I love this song, don't you think its just charming? Jocelyn spoke loud enough for me to hear her.

"To be level with you, I don't listen to music." I put my hand on Jocelyn's waist, pulling her in gently and taking the lead.

"Wesley, where is your doll? You are in Paris, and you can't seem to find a nice girl. You know, I was stuck on you for quite some time when you first came down here. You are such a swell guy, yet no doll. You jump from all of these women, you are like a hunter!" she stated, her last sentence was filled with excitement. I stiffed at her simile, for her not even realzing the truth behide her statement.

"When I find her Jocelyn, I'll introduce her to you. She can't just be any Jane." I replied back, and looked into her eyes. I always find a way to got so lost in them.

"Though no girl can ever match the beauty of such a keen women like yourself," I said towards Jocelyn and watched how her cheeks became rosy and a small laugh escaped her lips. I smirked at her almost embarrassment, and continues to sway with the music.


I looked into the crowd, noticing this gentleman who had been staring at Jocelyn and I dancing for quite sometime. He seemed to stand out from the crowd, as he cooly sat there at his table. He had his suit open, and thats when I saw it.

There was a small stain of red on his shirt, and a deep anger grew inside me. He smiled at me, knowingly. Then he slid from his table and soothed out his jacket before heading out the door. I quickly said farewell to Jocelyn and left her standing there. Not noticing anything else but this man.

I moved through the crowd, trying to avoid the unfamilar faces. I flung the door open, being greeted with a blast of cold, cool air. That didn't bother me, all I bothered about was hunting on this man. He wasn't ahead of me anymore but I knew how to find him. I reached into my jacket for a familar object, letting my fingers grasp it tightly. The street's were empty this late into the night, the building loomed over. Rising high into the sky.

I made a quick, steady turn into a darken alley. Bottles of whiskey litter the ground but as soon as I ventured farther. I heard something behide me.

"Not very smart to come alone, who knows what the night has to offer." cooed the man. He was standing in front of me, his eyes glowed with red fiery. It was the only thing I could see clearly. Of course I had learned to train in situations like this, I knew this would be a easy kill.

I was another person when it came down to completing my duty, as if I were wearing a mask. Humans are unaware of the dangers that stalk around in the night. It was our duty to stop them, and more importantly, defeat them. I hunt the hunters, letting them become nothing.

"Careful, you are still wearing your snack," I exclaimed at him, letting the angry roll from deep inside. I I didn't take another second longer, these vile creatures have always disgust me.

I rushed towards him and kicked him hard in the chest, the beast flew against a wall. Creating a large hole in the building. He lands with a hard thud. I effortlessly ran to his side and wrestle him up from the ground. Smashing his head hard into the wall he was against, grabbing him tightly around the neck. He swiped at my arms, continueing to do but he couldn't escape. I smiled at him, letting my practiced moves loose.

I reached swiftly into my jacket, once again picking up my stake. It was a long wooden thing, crafted with fine silver and made of solid wood. Using such force, I slammed the stake into his heart. He howled with pain, clenching the stake that was protruding his chest.

I wrenched my hand away and watched him quiver slowly on the ground. His body becoming very tense until I see his glowing red eyes begin to fade. Its eyes go blank, then roll back into his head. As he layed there motionless he soon explodes into a cloud of grey ash that covers my shoes.

I pick up a fallen stake then place it back into my pocket, then slowly walk out of the alley without a single glance back.

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