The goddes of beauty (A LOKI FAN FIC!!)

So this is the story about Lokis twin, exactly like him, except a girl. And also she is the goddes of beauty! :D

Name: Lifa Laufeyson
Age: Same as Loki... whatever that is xD
Looks: Black hair, black eyes pale skin
Personality: Funny, rest like Loki

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

by: 68687
Thor walked down the gigantic aisle, the people in the crowd cheering at Lifas brothers 'big day'. She could tell Loki wasn't too happy with this.
She wasn't either. Thor was arrogant, selfish and always looking for a fight. She whipped her long hair over her shoulders, nidging her twin.
"Hmm?" Loki whisperd.
"The plan is intact? I don't want him tobecome king. This entire kingdom will go to the dogs." Lifa said. She knew it was wrong to turn against her brother, but it was for the best of the kingdom. If Loki were to become king, he would be like Odin. And save the kingdom from Thors stupid rule.

Odin gave his speech abotu Thor's kingly duties, and just as he was about to proclaim him king, he stopped mid sentance.
"Frost giants." He said. Lifa smiled at her twin, knowing the plan was intact. Going along, she followed her brothers and father into the chamber.
The ground was frozen, and the frost griants were coming to attack them, but the guardian of the room came out and killed them easily.

"This is an act of war! We must go and fight them father, before they attack us again!" Thor shouted at the king.
"You won't go picking fights." Odin said, anger in his voice.
"AS king of Asguard i proc-" Thor started.
"Your not king! Not yet!" Odin shouted. Thor looked at his father, hurt and anger in his eyes, and turned away.

"Loki, so what now? If Odin keeps on living, when he dies Thor will definatly become king. How will we prevent that?" Lifa asked her brother. Loki paced around his room, thinking.
"Get him banned or something. I don't know. Maybe persuade him to..... I got it." Loki said. "Get him to disobey fathers orders, risk us and our friends in Jotaunheim, and get Thor out of here, to a different realm. Then I will be in line for King." He explained. Lifa smiled at her brother.
"That would work well. Trick him into leading us there." She said. Loki nodded, and walked off.

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