Runaway~ A Harry Styles Love Story

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Sister- A Harry Styles Love Story
The Girl For Curls

Chapter 1

Into The Unknown

I sprinted through the trees, not looking back because if I did, it would be the death of me. I had never moved so fast in my life. I ran and ran for as long as I possibly could, not daring to break my stride. I started to shiver in the chilled summer night, wearing only this:, though I had to continue on. I gripped onto my only heirloom as if it were my parents lives themselves. My feet were throbbing and the exhaustion nipped at my body, forcing me to slow slightly. I ran and ran, into the unknown. I wouldn't dare stop, for anything. I ran and ran until suddenly, the trees ended, and I was surrounded by open air. I slowed into a walk and took a few moments to comprehend my surroundings.
My eyes wondered in the direction of the forest every few seconds to be sure that I was safe. My feet began to sting so I glanced down and grimaced. My toes were ripped to shreds, my socks barely in one piece. my shirt was tattered from the randomly placed tree branches that lined the woodland trail. I held my gaze on my place of entry, skittishly stumbling back into a full sprint. I heard quiet voices so I leaped off a small rocky cliff and tumbled to my knees in the damp sand. I scooted close to the rock wall and silenced my heavy breathing. The voices were getting louder, as did my heartbeat.
All I could hear was the presence of others, most likely yelling, in the distance. I shivered violently due to the cold breeze. My hair was a birds nest, so I tamed it with my trembling fingers, awaiting for fate to take over. The distant yells gradually transformed into nearby laughter. I was confused though too terrified to peak over my craggy barrier. I could now make out the sound of footsteps, and hear the conversation in detail.
"Hey Harry, I dare you to jump off this cliff and into the water!" What seamed to be a British-sounding boy's voice.
"No way! I'll freeze!" The one who I assumed to be Harry responded. A storm of laughter erupted into the moonlit night. I jumped, causing a few pebbles to noisily roll down the ridge. I squeezed my eyelids shut, praying that the voices hadn't noticed. I heard some struggling and small giggles from above.
"AHH!" I heard a voices scream. One of the boys flew over the edge of the cliff and splashed into the gently swaying ocean. He was submersed in the water for a few moments before rising into breeze, gasping for air. I was dazed in my thoughts.
These is a part of his plan. I need to run. I need to run. I need to run...
He stood in the freezing wind, advancing out of the water in my direction. My heart skipped a beat as I tightened my grip on the locket resting in my sweaty palms. The boy was glaring at the peak of the cliff, towards the hysterical laughter above me. He scanned the wall, suddenly locking eyes with me. I stood in my place and backed against the wall. The boy was silent and all laughter ceased.
No, you can't take me back to him. I will kill myself before I return to him.
The boy stared at me for a moment before taking a step towards me.
"D-d-don't you come any c-closer." I warned him, grasping onto a small rock, ready to defend myself if need be.
I heard four consecutive, "Huh?" from the beach above. The rest of the boys stared down at me, immensely addled. I shuffled sideways until I was cornered between the blockade and the infinite water. I repeatedly fixed my gaze between the boys. The boy soaked in salt took a few steps towards me, and I rested the sharp stone on my wrist.
He wants me alive.
The boy took another few steps.
Do it.
I focused on the boys appearance, to see if I recognized him.
No resemblance.
He slowly walked towards me until he was but a yard away from me.
Do it.
The four others were watching intently, ready to defend the fifth if the time came.
Do it. I'm never going back. Do it. Do it.
I pressed the rock to my arm with a bit more pressure. I felt my skin rip as I slid the rock only a millimeter crosswise over my wrist. A tear rolled down my cheek. I dropped the rock to the frost bitten sand and slid down the wall. A few more tears escaped my meaningless blue eyes. The boy stared down at me as I silently wept, praying this wouldn't be the end.
"I won't go back. I will never go back. Never. Never..." I choked out through fatigued vocals.
"I don't know what you're talking about. I don't even know who you are. And I don't know why you're crying in the cold, on the beach." The boy told me, bluntly.
He's lying.
"You do. You do know. You know. You know. You-you're a part of his plan. I won't leave with you. Or anyone..." I tightened the grasp on my necklace. The boy was silent for a few moments before ample howling exploded from the tree line down the beach. I screamed and attempted to scale the wall. Two strong hands ripped me from the cliff. My life line. My life. I wailed into the night air and squirmed as I was tossed into a second set of solid hands. I was hauled over a shoulder as I cried, "No! I won't go with you!" As the unknown person ran down the beach. The other group of afflicted men were sprinting towards me, pointing.
I screamed as the five boys stole me from myself, as if they were shop lifting in my existence. I eventually desisted my screams and silently sobbed, bouncing on the boys shoulder, praying. Praying.

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