Into the Icy Sea

All Aboard

Welcome to the Titanic, or as we like to call it~The Ship Of Dreams

Written by me and my friend Explosions_In_My_Head

Chapter 1

The Unsinkable Ship

I opened my eyes slowly and looked around. Jocelyn was still sleeping as she turned her back towards the wall. I shared a room with her but it was quite small and cramped. It smelt like mildew and the sun was shining through the window on my side of the room. There was only one window in the room. I looked outside and it looked like a beautiful, sunny day. I woke up early to make sure that Mrs. Larissa bags were packed and put into the car. As a ladymaid, it was my job. I was fortunate enough to be able to work for Larissa and not Becca. But Jocelyn, my best friend, wasn't as lucky.

I was going to miss Paris, it was such a magical city. Everyone was so friendly here and I made a silent promise that when I retire I will live here. But then a thought sadden me, the Colesone's hardly ever get rid of maids. Unless we did something disgraceful that might hurt the Colesone name. I will soon be the nanny of Larissa's unborn baby girl.

After i finalized the bags I started heading back up the stairs when I heard the bell. It was a small bell that Larissa and Becka rang if they needed help. I knew it was Larissa because Becka wouldn't be up this early.

I was about to walk in when I stopped myself, that would have been very rude to just intrude in. So i knocked lightly two times.
"Yes Come in, Alair," Larissa said sweetly
I hurried in and did a small curtsy.
"Thank you, You rang Mrs. Wynters? How can I assist you?" I said politely and with a smile
It was important not to frown all the time. Larissa chuckled slighly and looked up at me.
"Alair, what have I told you. You have been working with our family for six years. You may call me Larissa, it's more comfortable. Help me with my corset, please." Larissa asked sweetly
"Yes ma'am, of course ma'am," I responded quickly

I slowly walked over to Larissa and grabbed the strings while she held on to the bed-post. It was a habit since her mother always used to tie her corset to tight as a child. But I never tied it tight, I didn't see the point. Larissa was very skinny and she was also expecting. I was very gentle towards her. We didn't speak and the silence was almost to much to bare, uncomfortable really. So i spoke up.

"Where is Sir. Alexander? I did not see him this morning." I stated just to continue talking but also to quinch my curiousity.
"Alex is in the garden. He may act brave but he is afraid to leave. This place is his birthhome, his family is here." Larissa said sadly. Alexander was Larissa's husband. They met 2 years ago, around the time we arrived here.

It was a stormy day and Larissa was at the Library. We had arrived in Paris only a few days ago. She used to spend most of her days there. Studying about the Old World and its stories. That's the reason we came to Paris. When the rain got worse, Larissa thought that she could just return the next day when the rain lessens. She and Raymond, our driver, left and drove back to Colesone Manor. On the way back, their car broke down and wouldn't start again. It was still pouring and Raymond had to go outside and try to find the problem. Alexander was on his way home after visiting his sister's cottage when he saw what was happening and offered his assistance. Larissa said when she saw him for the first time he heart skipped a beat. It wasn't until Alexander saw Larissa in the back that he offered to drive them the rest of the way back. You can say it was love at first sight. Although I wasn't there when this happened, it was Jocelyn's and I day off. But because it rained, we stayed at the Manor and just talked in our rooms. I always loved hearing the story.

"How is the baby, Larissa? Any more night pains?" I asked, Larissa would sometimes wake up, sick. In the middle of the night and Alexander and I would take care of her until she fell back alseep.

Before Larissa could answer, I heard a low moan come from the other bedroom connecting to Larissa bedroom. It was Becka and she had a hangover. Larissa and Becka were beautiful, they had hair as red as a fire itself. But even though Larissa was more attractive, Becka took advantage of her beauty. She was vain and spoiled, I don't have the slightest idea how she became this way. She would come home at night with different men and they would get drunk together. She was very loud when she was drunk so it was hard to sleep.

After I helped Larissa I went upstairs to pack myself. When I arrived in our room, Jocelyn was not there anymore. I didn't pack last night because I dont own much to pack. I only own 2 nice dresses then my maid outfit. It was not something I enjoyed to wear. I accept that I am a maid and that I am poor but I always thought that the outfit made me stand out. As if i had a sign on my head telling everyone how poor I am. I looked in the mirror and stared at myself. I wasn't nearly was beautiful as Larissa and Becka. I looked so much like my mother though. I had her nice, high cheekbones and long dark brown curly hair. I used to love playing with her curl's when I was a child. My nose and hands looked just like hers, the only thing that differed was my eyes. I had my fathers big blue eyes. They were the only thing I liked about me.

It was forbidden to wear makeup of any kind. But as i pinned my hair up in my maid's cap. I went to my bed and pulled out the remaining bit of powder that Larissa gave me. I only wore it when we went out. But this was a speical occasion. The housemaid, Gertrude, called it the unsinkable ship. She said it is the biggest ship ever built.

After I packed, I went to fetch Alexander. As Larissa said, he was in the garden sitting in a shaded area admiring the roses. Winter had just passed and tiny rose buds started appearing on the bushes. I will miss it here.
"Mr. Alexander, the bags are packed and ready in the car. We are ready whenever you are." i said patiently
Alexander turned around and faced me with a smile. In truth, Larissa and Becka were already in the car waiting.
"Thank you Alair," then Alexander picked one of the roses from the bush and gave it to me. Alexander was so kind to us, he was just like Larissa. Whatever Alexander and Larissa did, they did it from their hearts. Unlike Becka.

As we were leaving, I turned around and looked out of the window until Colesone manor became smaller and smaller. I held the rose in my hand and said silent good-bye. Then my thought were interuppted
"Alair, sit up straight. Like a young lady, Becka would scold you if she ever saw you sitting like a young child." Gertrude stated sternly. She was the oldest out of us maids, she started working for Mrs. and Mr. Colesone before Larissa was born. Larissa was 21 years old.

Jocelyn tried hard not to giggle and just stared down at her fingers.

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