Run (Limes and JadesFlame)

Run (Limes and JadesFlame)

Mack has a perfect life. Andi is a tortured lab rat. And when they collide there is only one thing to do....RUN

This will be a group story written between JadesFlame and I so please enjoy it!

Chapter 3


by: Limes
I obey. In reality, I don’t really understand why I’m running, I just run. I’m vaguely aware of nearly silent footsteps easily keeping pace with me.

“Andi, what are we running from?” I ask, my breath already coming in short gasps.

“Everything. Nothing. It’s hard to tell.”

I get a glimpse of her face in the light, so dim that I can hardly see anything. But something small and white stands out brightly against the darkness. The blob rests on her shoulder and I find myself wheeling away from it, tripping over my own feet.

“Hey!” She cries, catching ahold of my sleeve and jerking me forward, “What was that?”

“There’s something on your shoulder!” I say, stumbling to catch my balance.

She rolls her eyes, barely visible in the oppressing darkness, “It’s just Kai.” She says, speeding up, “He won’t hurt you.”

I shake my head and open my mouth to say something but a monotone female voice stops me. “Twenty minutes.”

Andi cries out in frustration and throws her hands up.

“What, what does twenty minutes mean?”

“No time to explain. Now, we sprint.”

I struggle to keep up with her as she breaks into a run faster than anybody I’ve ever seen. The white fluff on her shoulder bounces with her steps and emits little squeaks each time it lands once again on her narrow shoulder.

“Andi, what is this?”

“Shut up and run!” She cries,

I pour on the speed, going faster than I’ve ever gone before. She doesn’t look back to make sure that I’m keeping up, she just keeps the fast, steady pace. I’m about to stop, dying for air when she lets out a cry of triumph and leaps forward. I stumble forward, my hands outstretched in the darkness until I feel a slender hand grasp mine and pull me forward with surprising force.

I tumble forward head over heels until I slam into a wall, the last of the air blasting from my lungs. A metallic clang and a hiss fill the room and I roll, struggling to catch my breath. An alarm rings out and a red light flashes and a dim industrialized light filters into the room we occupy.

Andi gazes down at me, her icy blue eyes taking me in curiously. “Well, you survived.”

“What does that mean?” I gasp, struggling into a sitting position.

“You got here. We’re safe for the night. Fake glop for dinner? It’s really not as bad as it looks.” She holds up two metal trays piled high with something green and thick lacking any defining characteristics.

I gaze at it for a moment before turning my gaze to her, “What is that?”

“Enough nutrients to keep you alive and running. Eat it fast or you’ll really taste it. That’s not a good idea.”

I take the proffered tray and sniff it experimentally, flinching at the chemical scent. But seeing as how Andi is shoveling it down her throat with the plastic spoon she holds, I assume that this is it. So I steel myself and shovel a bite into my mouth, swallowing hastily and choking as I find it tastes just how it smells; awful.

But, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I shovel without relent until my spoon scrapes against the empty tray. Slowly, I open my eyes and find a pair of icy blue eyes inches away from my face. With a cry of alarm I jerk backward and the white fluff of fur slides down my arm and onto the empty tray still on my lap.

“Kai! Come here! Sorry, he’s curious.”

I watch with a bitter curiosity as the fluff runs on what seems to be little pink legs, hidden among the thick white fur, to Andi’s outstretched hand.

“What is he?” I ask, watching him climb Andi’s arm and settle onto her shoulder, turning his eyes toward me.

“He’s a Zuffle.”

I raise my eyebrows, “Zuffle? What is a Zuffle?”

She reaches up and stokes Kai’s head, “They’re mutations made to make this game more fun. They’re blood-thirsty creatures who could very easily rip you apart.”

I recoil, “So why do you have a pet one?”

She laughs, leaning back against the cold metal wall, “Because Kai is the runt. He isn’t dangerous, don’t worry. Unless I want him to be dangerous…” She trails off and turns her gaze to me, “So, what’s your story?”

I look back at her for a moment before shaking my head and laying back against the wall, “Not now. I’d rather sleep. Maybe tomorrow.” I murmur, closing my eyes. What I don’t say out loud is just what I’m thinking, or maybe never. And then I fall into an exhausted sleep.

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