Run (Limes and JadesFlame)

Run (Limes and JadesFlame)

Mack has a perfect life. Andi is a tortured lab rat. And when they collide there is only one thing to do....RUN

This will be a group story written between JadesFlame and I so please enjoy it!

Chapter 2

Andi. Last names are nothing here.

by: Hyouka
Darkness. Awful, heart-wrenching darkness.

Not so heart-wrenching after all, I suppose. After living in this death trap for nearly ten years, you begin to get that gut feeling that proves bravery is all you're capable of. After those ten years, I've hollowed to a pure shell. No soft insides. There isn't room for those here.

I frantically sprint through the darkness, knowing that leisurely strolling won't do around here, not anymore. I wondered once why I couldn't simply stroll through. But I know now, and only now, that if you slow farther than even a jog, you will be swallowed by the darkness, and whatever may lurk deep in its misty depths. So no more.

My feet, still wearing those worn combat boots, slam desperately into the smooth, cool material beneath my feet. I know this place in and out, and know that in exactly four paces, there will be a sharp drop like a stair, which I would usually fall down like a small child. But not here of course.

There's a fluff of warmth on my shoulder, so familiar. The soft bumping of my pet against my arm is the only thing that will keep me sane in here, if I haven't lost the sanity already. I have nobody to tell me if I have. It's just me.

There's a roar behind me and I lift an arm to wipe away the sweat and blood from my forehead. How long I've been running, I know I can't say. So I stumble the last seven steps through the darkness and know that I will be safe for another hour. Good time to rest.

But something is different. The air around me isn't dark and damp, musty from so many years of being hidden, doesn't reek of my sweat and tears and blood that has accumulated across the rough maze floors. The air is sweet and fresh, like a cool summer breeze that is more like a memory than knowledge. And then there's a flash and something heavy and hard is thrown straight at my chest.

Things like this have happened before, of course. Small monsters that have been thrown in for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of whoever is running this sick operation. But this is so different, so odd. Because my senses, which have since dulled to practically nothing, now pick up the strong scent that can only be described as a new player in these games.

The human falls backwards onto its back and rolls over, and I see the long streak of blood that runs down its arm. The usual flash of light blinds me, the one that is used only to show the persons face.

It's a boy. A boy with long, blonde hair and deep brown eyes, who looks horrified and confused all at once. Many have been thrown in like this. A few have been transported because they knew too much. I will know the boys story soon enough. They always go off ranting about how their life was wonderful.

Yes, many have come before him. Girls and boys, some grown men, others young, four or five year old children. This is not a fight to the death, but indeed it is a fight for life. As the darkness holds horrors that no human would begin to imagine even in their deepest nightmares.

"Who're you?" The boys studders. I've nearly forgotten that he's there, as he's so plain I can't help but forget him.

I try to smile, but it almost hurts my cheeks. Smiling is not something I have done in a very long time, and it is very unusual. So I just stay blank as I say, "My name is Andi."

"Andi what?" He asks.

"Last names are nothing here." I explain. "I've long forgotten mine."

"Where are we?"

I shrug. "Can't say. But it's a maze. And the only way to make it out is to survive."

"For how long?"

"I've been here for ten years." I tell him.

His eyes widen in a look of suprise. "Ten years?"

"Ever since I was seven." I confirm. "It's not all that bad once you get the hang of it. But I will warn you, you aren't the first to come here."

"What do you mean?"

"Lots have come before you." I say. "None of them are still here."

He looks as if he's unsure, and scrambles back a few feet. "How have you lived for so long?"

"Well, whenever someone got too good with the maze..." I pause. "...I got rid of them."

"Oh." He suddenly looks afraid of me, despite the certain trust he held on his face. "So what do we do then?"

I hold out an untrusting hand to him, and nearly shiver when he lets me pull him to his feet. How a human could have such sudden trust in one he's never met, I can't say. Human interaction is unfamiliar to me. But still, he grips my hand like a lifeline and struggles up, taking deep breaths and holding his other hand over his arm. The blood stains his fingers.

He sighs. "You never answered me. What do we do now?"

I grin at him, dropping his hand and pulling out the makeshift knife I've found. "Well." I say, "Our best bet is to run."

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