Run (Limes and JadesFlame)

Run (Limes and JadesFlame)

Mack has a perfect life. Andi is a tortured lab rat. And when they collide there is only one thing to do....RUN

This will be a group story written between JadesFlame and I so please enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Mack Jonsten

by: Limes
I stand by the road, letting the music and cheers pour over me, gazing in anticipation through the confetti being thrown. The float moves down the street slowly and I tighten my grip on the hand clasped in mine. It squeezes back and I look down into the face that brings me the greatest joy in the world.

“It’s coming!” Danya calls above the noise, beaming as much as me.

I smile at her and nod, “We’ll get to see him.”

I pull her under my arm and push past another couple to get closer to the road, ignoring the glare the man shoots me. I promised Danya front-row and I intend to give her front-row. And by the time the float rolls slowly past, trumpets blaring our new anthem, I have gotten us so close that we can see the sweat glistening on the older man’s slightly tanned forehead.

Danya is trembling with excitement beside me and I wave to him, whooping energetically when he waves back. This man is the man who will change our society, our new president bringing promises of peace and understanding.

We don’t stop cheering until the float is down the street and out of sight and finally I turn back to the beautiful young woman clinging to my arm. She smiles up at me with her perfect teeth and her icy blue eyes glimmer.

“I told you front row was better.” I say, leaning down to plant a kiss on those rosy lips that I love.

She giggles and brushes her fair curls from her forehead, “You were right.”

“Well, let me walk you home.” I say, “I promised your father you wouldn’t be late.”

“I’m a legal adult now!” She protests, “I can stay out as late as I want!”

I pull her along beside me and sigh, kissing her lightly on the top of her head, “But you still live under their roof. Until you move out I have to impress your dad so he’ll let you keep me.”

She laughs, snuggling closer to me as we walk at a slow pace down the street toward her house. “I know.” She murmurs.

We don’t talk again until we stop in front of her house and she turns back to smile at me. I plant another kiss on those perfect lips and then hug her for a moment, “I’ll see you tomorrow. We’re still on for dinner, right?”

She nods enthusiastically, “Of course, I wouldn’t miss it.”

“Alright, I’ll pick you up at five.”

She gives me that perfect, dazzling smile once more before walking to the front door of the big white house and disappearing inside. I watch her go and then turn and start toward my own house a few blocks away.

I think idly of the family awaiting me, of my father waiting for me to help close up the shop, of my mother, likely preparing dinner right now. I think of the life they’ve worked hard at giving me and the future I have been guaranteed. I think of the ring awaiting dinner tomorrow on my dresser at home, waiting to be placed on the slender ring finger of Danya’s left hand.

What I don’t know is that I won’t make it home tonight. And I won’t make it to dinner tomorrow. And that ring will wait on that dresser for a lot longer than expected.

I turn down another street, vaguely aware of a man walking toward me, a hat pulled down low on his head. For a moment I wonder why he would wear a hat in such warm weather but I don’t dwell on it; plenty of people have strange style around here. As he passes me his arm brushes mine and I pause as I feel a strange sensation in my elbow, a sort of stinging tingle that spreads slowly up my arm.

I look down at it and find a bead of blood welling in the crook of my elbow. And then I feel the sting reach my chest and I cry out in alarm as I feel my heart clench painfully. I wonder if I was dying. I wonder how long it will take anybody to realize I am dead. And I wonder what is killing me.

Then, slowly, I feel myself falling to the ground, my head colliding painfully with the concrete of the sidewalk. And I black out, the pain infecting my body dissolving into oblivion.

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