Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 1


by: Apathy_
You know that girl?
The one who people pass in the hallways and think; why can't I look like her?
The one who doesn't do anything in class, but always gets one hundred percent in every test.
The one with the millions of friends who would do anything for her.
The one with the world wrapped around her little finger.
That girl is me.
I won't deny it, I love it. It rocks to have crowds parted for you. It's amazing to have loads of people fawning over you. But with this blessing, there is a curse.
It's your classic Cinderella story. Once upon a time, I was a small girl with split ends and black heads. I blended in with the crowd, normal, average.
Less than average.
One summer, I left for my holidays. I was twelve. Ugly, dorky, and friendless, I was planning to keep to myself. But a lot can change over two months. And the sun is very good for you.
By the time I got back from my holiday, I had grown. Now five foot eight, I was a fairly average height. My skin had tanned considerably, and I was determined to keep it thus. Constant treatment of my hair had resulted in a loss of split-ends, and rapid growth. Now reaching to mid-back, my hair was thick, shiny, soft and a deep, rich shade of brown. My teeth shone, and my eyes stood out more than they had previously, helped by lashings of volumising mascara. I had slimmed down, and was now a dainty size two. With the help of my parents' large funds, I had updated my wardrobe until it stretched into my brother's room.
Starting Secondary school that year, I shocked everybody. Un recognizedby my former class-mates, they re-introduced themselves to me over and over. Excited for the attention, I shortened my name and introduced myself thus; the formerly dorky Jessica had become the gorgeous and talented Jessie.
Maybe I looked happy, and carefree. Maybe my smile lit up a room. But if you had looked closer, you would have seen the bright blue eyes, remaining unlit and melancholy. You would have noticed the flat tones of my sparkling laugh.
And maybe; just maybe; you would have been able to figure out my dirty little secret.

Hey guys!

So this is gonna be a group story... But I have no one to write it with... So comment below if you want to! I'll take a maximum of another three people :D Just fill this out and comment or message it to me:


If I pick you, then I'll message you with details on the story, and keep in mind that your character has to have a 'dirty little secret' too :D So tell me that if I message you :D


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