Why Can't You Look At Me Like That? (One Direction FanFic)

Chapter 1

The Girl On The Couch

Harry's Pov

We had just finished performing our Sydney concert and we walked in to our dressing room to see a girl fast asleep on the couch, "Um, does anyone know her?" Liam asked looking at us, we all shook our heads,
"Love?" Louis shook her slightly,
"Dad, it's holidays," She mumbled,
"Love, you have to get up you've got a big day today." Louis grinned, making us laugh,
"I'm not going out with Nelson! Just because you want to get into his mum's pants!" She was still half asleep,
"No, love, it's Louis," He shook his head still grinning,
"No, love, Tomlinson,"
"From One Direction," I laughed,
"Isn't that the boy-" She sat up suddenly, "I'm sorry, I'll go," As she was taking her head was drifting back towards the pillows,
"No, it's okay love," Niall smiled sitting down next to her, "What's your name?"
"Kate," She gave a weak smile,
"Well, Katy, it's nice to meet you," Niall beamed, I couldn't tell if he had developed a crush or if he was just being nice, I mean she was gorgeous.
"So where are you from?" I said amping up the flirt mode, I saw Niall shoot me a look, so maybe he did like her,
"Um, I live on the outskirts of Sydney," She was a little more awake now,
"So how did you get in here?" Zayn asked the question that most of us where wondering,
"Well, I walked in the back door and saw a clipboard on the floor, so I picked it up, no one really took any notice of me then, I have a thing of blending into the background. So I was looking for the bathroom and I walked in here and fell asleep," She explained,
"Interesting," Liam nodded,
"I'll go though," She said getting up,
"No, stay love," Niall smiled, "You're the first girl tonight that hasn't screamed in our faces,"
"Oh I absolutly hate screaming," She said sitting back down, " It's so annoying! The only time you are aloud to scream is when you're on a really scary ride, like a rollercoaster," She was actully really fun to hang around with. We had been talking for about half an hour when her phone rang, "Oh, excuse me for a second," She said getting up to take the call,

Niall's Pov

I couldn't believe Harry was making a move on her! I thought he had enough girls begging for him but he had to take the one girl I liked! She walked off a little but we could still hear her mum on the other end,
"I told you to be home an hour ago!" A screeching voice came though
"Sorry ma'am" She said,
"Just get home NOW" Then the line disconnected. She turned to face us and tried to put her phone in her pocket but I noticed it slip out and land on a chair behind her,
"That was my mum, I uh have to go," She looked worried like she was scared to go home,
"That's okay, love, we'll see you soon hopefully," Harry grinned, I wondered if he had spotted the phone too,
"Yeah, bye," She smiled and left. As soon as she was out the door I made a grab for the phone but my hand collided with somone else's. I looked up to see Harry,
"It's mine!" He said,
"No I saw it first." I fought back,
"Boys! None gets it." Liam said snatching it away from us, "We'll ask Paul to take it back to her."
"No!" Harry and I shouted at the same time,
"Look we'll both take it back," I said rationly,
"Yes please just let us keep it?" Harry smiled and gave Liam the puppy eyes, "Or else Niall will cry and you know you hate it when he does that."
"Fine." Liam gave in, "But you two better sort this out like grown ups," He sounded fartherly,
"Yes dad," I smiled, "Okay let's take a look at her photos," I grinned as Harry unlocked it.

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