who will you marry?(part 87)

Chapter 1

into the heart

You reached for ur new weapon, to try deal with the barrier. Only to feel a hand on your shoulder, “Put your weapon away,” dawn said. “They will do you no good. Only a weapon of powerful magic could harm these things,” as an army of warriors began to surround your sleeping friends. That alone would have been enough to chill anyone’s blood. But you and dawn could have dealt with that. What you couldn’t handle was the horror that overwhelmed and numbed your senses. Specters, dawn said quietly as if reading ur mind. These things were dead, nothing more than fleeting, fragile white light outlined their bodies. It was as if the light that had lived inside of them, had been twisted while they had lived and then lingered on horribly after death. Their flesh had rotted away, leaving behind the body’s image as remembered by the soul. The soul apparently remembered other things, too. Each warrior was dressed in ancient, remembered armor. Each warrior carried remembered weapons that could inflict well-remembered death. But the undead needed no weapons. They could kill from fear alone, or by the touch of their grave-cold hands. slowly, you forced your self to calm down, and try to think rationally and to help you to get a grip on reality. you had to stay and deal with this—somehow. you began to walk toward the ghostly warriors. The dead said nothing, made no threatening moves. They simply stood, blocking the path to your friends. minions,” bella’s guardian whispered without taking his eyes from them. “We are fortunate.” why ? You asked quickly, because they’re minds maybe twisted but, they were once sleeping meaning someone woke them and control them and only a powerful necromancer or sorcerer could have performed such a feat. Before bella could react, the her guardian stepped away from the group and faced the spectres.

“midnight!” bella said in a strangled voice, starting to move forward. “Keep her back, ashanti,” he commanded harshly. “Our lives depend on this.” Gripping bella’s arm holding her in place, you asked him, “What are you going to do?” without looking back he said, im going to let them use me as a speaking voice so we can figure what they want and they’ll leave us alone. “You who were once hero‘s of light, use my living voice to tell us of your purpose. Then give us leave to pass into this forest, for our purpose is not evil, as you will see if you read our hearts.” The spectre raised a fleshless hand, reached out slowly to touch midnight. Bella trembled in your grasp—the specter’s touch meant certain death. But midnight stood quietly before them, and did not move. When he spoke, his voice was no longer the soft voice of a dragon. It was deep and dark and commanding and rang through the forest. It was cold and hollow and might have come from below the ground. We have been awoken to fulfill our oath, as evil once more stalks the land. And here will we remain until evil is driven back and balance is restored again.” we have been called he said and Suddenly midnight gave a cry falling to the ground his small body shaking , his eyes rolling upward until you could see only the whites. A few seconds later you saw his face transform again, this time imbued with a calm serenity as he stood up looking around as if confused as the circle of undead parted to let him pass before disappearing completely .Then just like that you realized that you were not in the same place, as your companions begin waking up, where are we? They asked, in center the center of the dead woods a soft mysterious voice said. Who are you?” you called. “Show yourself!” “We will not harm you,” bluffed Anthony reaching for his sword frowning when he found nothing. “Of course you won’t.” Now the soft voice was amused. “You have no weapons. I will return them when you leave. No one brings weapons into my sanctuary . Do not fear, noble vampire, I recognize your blade as ancient and most valuable! I will keep it safe. Forgive this apparent lack of trust, but even the great eragon laid his dragon sword at my feet.” “eragon?!” Shane gasped. “Who are you?” “I am the….. .” Even as the deep voice spoke, the darkness parted. A gasp of awe, gentle as a spring wind, swept the company as they stared before them.

Mater Natura, the elves called her, Lady of the forest. Her hair, black and soft as the night wind, was held in place by a net as fine as cobweb, twinkling with tiny jewels like stars. Her skin was the warm hue of the tree bark, her eyes the deep, dark sapphire of the night and her lips the color of the dark green spring leaves.“Rest yourselves,” the she said as she came among them. “You are tired and hungry. Food will be brought and fresh water for cleansing. You may put aside your watchfulness and fears for this evening. Safety exists here, if it exists anywhere in this land tonight.”

Brandon’s his eyes lighting up at the mention of food. Midnight sank into the grass against the trunk of a tree. His face was deathly pale in the silver moonlight, but his breathing was easy. He did not seem ill so much as just terribly exhausted. Bella sat next to him, as Brandon continued looking around for food. Then he heaved a sigh. “Probably more berries anyway,” the he said unhappily to you. “I could go for some meat—a thick and juicy t-bone, a nice sizzling bit of chicken—” “Hush,” Shane hissed softly, glancing at the lady of the forest. “She’d probably consider cooking you first!”

“Please be seated,” said the lady said graciously. “I can’t sit in that!” the Brandon protested. “I’ll tip over.” He stood at the edge of the table as, the others glanced uneasily at the chairs. Shane the Elvin prince however, knew what was expected of guests. Although the outside world might have considered his people cold, the elves had strict rules of politeness that had to be religiously observed. he knew that to keep your host waiting was an insult to both the host and their hospitality. He sat down with regal grace. The one-legged chair rocked slightly, adjusting to his height, crafting itself for him alone. “Sit at my right hand, princess,” he said formally, conscious of the many eyes upon them. Your face showed no emotion, even though felt like you were a ludicrous sight trying to sit in the seemingly fragile chair. But, once seated, you leaned back comfortably, almost “Thank you all for waiting until I was seated,” you said hastily, to cover the others’ hesitation. “You may all sit now.” “Oh, that’s all right,” began Brandon folding his arms across his chest. “I wasn’t waiting. I’m not going to sit in these weird chair—” Michael’s elbow dug sharply into the demon’s ribs. “Gracious lady,” Michael bowed and sat down with angelic dignity. “Well, if he can do it, so can I,” muttered Brandon, his decision hastened by the fact that they were bringing in the food. Are you okay? Shane whispered. You began to wondered what he meant, as you sat, lost in dark thoughts, until you felt a gentle hand on your shoulder “You should eat,” dawn said. “Your cares won’t vanish with the meal—and, if they do, so much the better.” you smiled at her and began to eat with a sharp appetite. As you took the your guardian’s advice and relegated your worries to the back of your mind for a while. You realized she was right: they weren’t likely to go away anytime soon.

Brandon was obviously enjoying his meal. He ate three times more than anyone else, three times as fast, and three times as loudly. When not eating, he described to Johnny a fight with another demon, using the bone he was chewing on as a sword to illustrate his play by play. Johnny ate heartily and told Brandon he was the biggest liar in tarragon. midnight, sitting beside your sister, ate very little, taking nibbles of only the tenderness pieces of meat, a few grapes, and a bit of bread he soaked in water first. He said nothing but listened intently to everyone, absorbing all that was said into his soul, storing it for future reference and use. Shane ate his meal delicately, with practiced ease. The Elvin prince was accustomed to eating in public view and could make conversation easily. You chatted with Shane, encouraging him to describe the Elvin lands and other places he had visited. Dawn, who sat next to you , was acutely uncomfortable and self-conscious. Although not a boisterous eater like Brandon, she was obviously more accustomed to eating as a dragon.as she handled the cutlery with awkward clumsiness, and you knew that she appeared crude beside Shane. she said nothing, seeming willing to fade into the background


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