Don't Read. :(

Chapter 1

I'm not a fake person. Just saying

So i was looking back at my past. I remenebered my ex bff. I want to rip something up. She told me the first time she saw me she thought i was a fake barbie.I asked why and she said your polite. Beatiful and sporty. I said sure watever. I use to have long hair. She smirked and said you drive every guy crazy
I shook my head and said well I'm not looking for someone to mess my life up. She looked at my nieghbor's door. and smiled. She knew i was crying. I was sad. My mom had to work so much and my dad too. I was taking care of my sister. She acted like if i was crying over a guy. She yelled out loud. Just get with someone else. I said. Wat are you talking about. I never cry over guys, I'm crying over my bad memories. She pulled my hair. I told her let go before i explosed. My nieghbpr watched. She pulled harder. I just swang at her and hit her. She punched me and i shruged. I sat in my front yard while she left. The guy hid behind my van as i sang. I will sing to express my feelings. That was the first and last time i cryed in front of her.
That wa the end of the flash back

She called me a slUt for leaving her a huge burse.

I won't be able to come on every day sorry love u guys,

I have a bad feeling something is going to happen so bye for now love u guys.


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