Life is a Trident- 65th, 70th, 75th & 76th Hunger Games in the Point of View Of Finnick Odair

I didn't see one story about Finnick on this website (but there might be one i don't know about o.o), so Im gonna write one. Hope you like!
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Chapter 1

The Reaping ^.^ Whoop Whoop.

Story by Ally (ME!)

I wake up to the sound of my waves-crashing-against-the-shore alarm. I stretch my arms out. and fling the covers off of me. Ill make my bed after the reaping. The door flings open. Sae, my 12 year old sister, is standing there. Her bronze curls flip around in the strong wind that comes from the open window.

"What is it, Sae?" I ask pulling a shirt on.

"Mom says you better not sneak off to the ocean shore today. Its reaping" She says.
Shes way crankier then usual.

"Fine... but if I do, will $20 keep your mouth shut?" I ask.


"Deal" I say handing her the money.

She pockets it and leaves the room, shutting the door behind her.
I put some pants on and jump out the window of my room. I cut through the backyard to make it to the ocean.

I run along the beach, the sand digging in my toenails. I run in the water as it splashes against my legs higher. I scoop some up in my hands and splash it on my face. Rocks... Sand... rocks... sand.
I look at the little fish as they swim in shallow water, trying to avoid being a meal. The waves crash against my legs. A creature, -I think its a crab- scurries over the sand near my feet.
I check my watch.
11:30. Yikes.
I run back to shore, and the sand sticks to my feet as I run back home to avoid being caught at the ocean by mom.

I make it just in time, and run up to my room. I quickly dry off, although the running dryed me off mostly. The door slams open again and its mom.

"Where were you?" She asks.

"I was at Randys house" I say.

"I thought so. I called and you weren't there." Mom replies. She thinks she got me there.

"First I went to the smoothie shop, you must of called before I got there" I smile.

A discusted look replaces her smile.

"Put something nice on, reapings at 1" She says and leaves.

I pull a do-able shirt out of my dresser and some khaki pants and dress. I brush my teeth and leave my hair how it is. I walk down the stairs and grab an apple.

"You nervous Sae?" I ask teasingly. She would make a great career.

She smirks. "I actually am planning on volunteering."

"Not if I do first" I say.
Girls first, Boys second. I would think you know" She says sharply.
I just roll my eyes and eat the apple.

"Alright, lets go kids." Mom says.

"We aren't kids anymore" I say putting on sandles.

"You know what I mean, Finnick" Mom says. And we're off.

We arrive at the reaping just in time.

"Hand, please" A peacekeeper says. Female. I stick it out and she takes the blood. I walk over to the 14 year old section and stand by Randy and Dusty. Jaise (Jay sE) Stringer, the es co rt stands up by the bowls, ready to reap.
"Welcome, everyone, to District 4's 65th annual Hunger Games Reaping!!!!" Jaise shouts. Some applause.
"Ladies First!"
Jaise walks over to the girls bowl. She sticks her pale blue arm in the bowl, jerks it around a little then picks a name. She walks back up to the microphone and unfolds the name.
"Sae Odair!"
Sae?!!? Crap. Not Sae!
Come on someone...
I look at where the voice comes from. In the 18 year old section, a girl has her hand raised.
"Splendid! Come on up, and your name is..."
"Chloe Boldhart"
A tall girl mounts the stage. Bronze hair, seaweed green eyes...shes like an older version of Sae! Chloe stands up at the stage while Jaise picks the boys name, and I'm just so glad that the name isn't...
Oh come on!!!!!!
"By golly, we have the brother of the other, how exiting!" Jaise says as I mount the stage.
"Any volunteers?" Jaise says.
The crowd stays silent.
"No?" She says, "Then alright, I give you the tributes of District 4, Chloe Blondhart-"
"BOLDHART" Chloe says. She has what my mother says used to be called a ''british'' accent.
"Sorry, Chloe Boldhart and Finnininck Odair!"
"Its FINNICK, Not Fininick!" I complain. "Can you get anyones name right but your own?" I ask.
"Maybe... Well, off you go to the justice building!" Jaise says, motioning us off with the peacekeepers. The same female one who pricked my blood -District 4 has a low amount of peacekeepers- guides me into a room in the Justice building.
First to come in, of course, is my mother and Sae -Dad is off at Sea for 6 months, 2 more to go-.

"Finnick! Congratulations!" Mom says cheerfully.

"Thanks" I say, not as sure about this as she is.

"Fin, your gonna win, right?" Sae asks.

"Of course hes gonna win, Silly!" Mom says ruffling her hair like shes a 7 year old. I laugh at this, might be the last family memory ever.

Don't think like that, Odair My mind tells me.

"Finnick, make sure you learn some weapon skills and pack with the careers." Mom says.
The careers won't accept a wimp like me
But instead i say, "Got it" and smile.

"See you guys in a few weeks!" I call as peacekeepers drag them out
I sit on the leather-y couch and wait for the next guest.

Randy, Dusty and Rusty.
"HEY! Theres the 65th Victor!" Randy says. Dusty and Rusty are smiling too, but I can tell they have no faith in me. Randy, i don't know. Hes unpredictable.

I grin. "Yea, here I am" I say rolling my eyes.

"Good luck out there" Dusty says.

Him and Rusty leave soon, but Randy stays.

"Your gonna come back, right?" He asks.

"Course I am!"

Course Im Not, Randy. Im 14! For crying out loud

"Good... Good" Randy says.

"See you soon?"

"Yea, see you soon" I say, giving him a re-assuring smile.

Im toast

Randy leaves, and I think I hear a sob before the door shuts. Well, He was always sort of a crybaby.
"Knock Knock! Lets go Finnick!" Jaise says opening the door. I sigh and sit up, following her out to the train.
Lets see how long you'll make it, Odair

Hey! Hope you like the first chapter, please read, comment, rate and share! And maybe even favorite! It would mean ALOT!

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