Stalk (A Slenderman story)

Stalk (A Slenderman story)

Hey guys! I didnt think my other story was good enough, so I decided to write this. Enjoy! P.S. Once again, If you don't know who Slenderman is, search him up. ;D I will write more chapters as soon as I can.

Chapter 1

The Funeral

Katie let out a sob. "Why? Why would someone do this?!" She cradled her lifeless brother. The family and friends watched in dispair, wiping away tears.

"Katie, it's time to go. They are closing the coffin, come now," Mother led her to her seat. Katie nodded, her tears flowing like a faucet.

At the cemetary
The flutists played a sad melody while they lowered Eric into the ground.
"Wait! Caleb, Stormie, I would like to give you something that belonged to Eric." The mother sniffled. She handed a small, red journal to them.

"Thank you, We appreciate it," Stormie smiled.

Caleb and Stormie drove home and flipped open the journal.

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