Shes got that One Thing (Harry Styles Love) accidentally deleted first):(

Im sorry i accidentally deleted the original story!! It was an accident and i feel horrible, but I will continue the story from where i left off. If you have any questions about what you missed caus i ws a dumbaszz, just message me:) i thank all the people who commetned and read my story, ur amazing!!! I love you so much:)

Chapter 9

Possession :o

Shasta P.O.V

"Lets watch possession!"

We were all at Louis and Eleanor's house, and we were trying to find a movie to watch. Zayn brightened up, "Yeah! I love that one!" I laughed and suggled closer to Harry on the floor as Liam put it in. I had never seen this movie, so I would proably scream at some parts. Harry smiled and put his arm around me. "I once caught a fish this big!" He said as he put his arm around me. I laughed and Niall smiled. "That was so cheesy Harry." Harry smiled and the moive started. "Thank God for netflex!" Eleanor said, and we laughed lightly. "Thank the Lord for ice cream!" Lucy said and came in the room witha huge pail of ice cream. Niall brightened up and Lucy sat beside him and they ate away.

"Shut up! Its starting you jackwagons!"

I just shook my head and looked at the screen, and Harry leaned his head against mine. I hope Angel isnt watching us, I thought, or else everyone will be screaming tongiht. A few minutes later, a super scary part came up and it scared the crap out of me and Danielle. We both screamed and the guys all laughed as we hid behind our boyfriends. "Sissies." Louis said grinning, and I glared at him. "Shut up." I said,and Harry laughed and held me closer to him.

Harry P.O.V

I tried to hide my laughter when Shasta screamed.

IT was almost over now, and I was a little scared myself. "Should we go to bed?" I asked, and Louis was about to say something when the power went off. Guess that answeres my question. "Perfect! Ghost stories!" Louis yelled and he grabbed a flashlight while I felt Shasta grab my hand to make sure i was still there. "Right here babe." I said smiling, and I heard her let out a relived breath. "Good." She said quietly, and I looked over at Louis, who had his swag hat on. "Sexy hat Lou." I said grinning, and he grinned back. " Who vants to tell a vtory virst?" he asked in a creepy Dracula voice.


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