Shes got that One Thing (Harry Styles Love) accidentally deleted first):(

Im sorry i accidentally deleted the original story!! It was an accident and i feel horrible, but I will continue the story from where i left off. If you have any questions about what you missed caus i ws a dumbaszz, just message me:) i thank all the people who commetned and read my story, ur amazing!!! I love you so much:)

Chapter 3

Sick Joke:(

Harry P.O.V

I couldnt believe this.

She was pregnant? "Y-Your pregant?" i asked, my goice shakig, and Shasta fell to her knees crying. "I knew it,you hate me." she sobbed and I fell down beside her and held her tightky. "No! i would never hate you! I just-surprised. Im glad your pregnant." I said before I could stop myself. Shasta looked up at me,her eyes red. "Y-You are?" she asked in a scaree goice,and I nodded. "I'e always wanted a kid with you." That made her blush and I smiled at her. "I will never leave you Shasta. Never." I whispered,and kissed her lips. Tears were still coming down her face

"Should we tell everyone else?"

She nodded sadly and I lifted her up and we headed to the living room. I knocked on everyones doors and they came out with tired looks on their faces. "Whats so important that you had to wake us up at 3am?" Zayn askes tiredly, and I took a deep breath. "Shasta's pregnant." their mouths dropped open, and suddenly Shasta's phone rang. She picked it up and i looked at heir reactions. "What?" Liam asked,his eyes wide,and Shasta started crying as soon as i openee my mouth. "That is so sick!" She yelled and the phone dropped from her hands. I held her in my arms and Louis picked up the phone.

"Did you like the joke? Did you ever really think Harry would get you pregant?

When Louis finished reading it, my moth dropped open wnd i looked at Shasta. "Your not really pregant...Angel just jacked the test." I said, and everyone gasped or started crying. Shasta nodded and collapses in my arms yet again,and I wanted to kill Angel for doind this. My girl shouldnt have to go through this.

"Call the police."

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