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Im sorry i accidentally deleted the original story!! It was an accident and i feel horrible, but I will continue the story from where i left off. If you have any questions about what you missed caus i ws a dumbaszz, just message me:) i thank all the people who commetned and read my story, ur amazing!!! I love you so much:)

Chapter 2

:( It got worse

Shasta P.O.V

Btw, the quibblo peeps haven answere me back, so i dont have the original story back up yet:(

"Shasta,wake up!"

I woke up in a sweat , Harry shaking me and calling my name. I opened my eyes ans gasped for air. Harry had a scared look on his face,"You were having a nightmare." he informed me,and I noticed tears were coming from my eyes. Then I remeberd what happene in my dream,and i started bawling my eyes out. "Its so horrible Harry! I cant take this anymore!" i yelled and jumped up and ran towards his balocany. "Angel,you can have your life back!" I yelled and prepared ro jump offf the balocany,when 2 strong hands grabbed my waist and pulled me in a hug. "Shasta no! You cant do this, you have to beat her! Stay strong, she cant break you." Harry said to me, and i realize what i was doing. I froze for a second, and then burst out crying again. I had just tried to commit suicide, right in front kf my boyfriend. "Ho-how-Wh-Why..." i tried to ask, but couldnt get the words out. "Shhh... Its fine Babe,your okay now." Harry said in a comforting tone. Walter's dead, i was almost killed, Harry is in danger, Angel... I couldnt stop thinking bout what if Harry had been killed by Angel. I would be dead, maybe in a mental hospital, bt most likley dead. I sobbed into Harry's white t-shirt, and his strong arms lifted me up and put me on the bed gently. "What are we gunna do Harry?" I asked finally,and Harry just higged me closer to him.

"I dont know Shasta."

I closed my eyes and tried to think happy thoughts,and I felt the necklace, the one Harry got me, around my neck. I remebered that wonderful night, the kissing,the fair, it was all perfect. I almost smiled and Harry looked down at me. He was such a strong person, much more stronger than me. Harry was the best person I've ever known, and I never wanted to let him go. "What happened?" Louis came in with a umbrella with Eleanor on his arm.

"Shasta just had a nightmare."

I put my head down and Louis lowered the umbrella. "Oh I see. We thought it was-" Eleanor cut him off and smiled sleepily. "Well, goodnigh i guess." She said, and i wondered why Angel hated her so much, she was super nice. "Sorry bout waking you up." I apologized and Louis waved it off. "We were already up eatching movies, dont worry bout it. Plus it wasnt your fault anyway." I amiled a little ans they leftthe room ans Harry turned to me. "Can you tell me what you dream was about?" he asked quietly, and I nodded even though i didnt want to.

"Angel was smiling at me, and you were standing next to her,and you told me you never loved me. You slapped me and then Angel pushed you off a cliff and you fell into lava and you were yelling my name. I tired to jump in to save you, but Angel handcuffed me to a tree and lit it on fire. I woke up before i could die."

Harry was completely silent, and I looked t him a little scared. "Harry?" i asked and he put his hand on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. "Shasta, I am not going to just sit here and let Angel torture you like this. We are going to make a plan, a plan to get rid of her." I looked at his beautiful green eyes ans knew he was serious. "I-I agree with you." i said, and he leaned in closer to me.

"And Shasta, dont let anyone tell you i dont love you. I always have and always will."

Harry kissed me passionatley and leaned me back on the bed. God, please let Angel stop this madness, I thought, please. There was one more thing i had to tell Harry. "Harry?" i asked breakig the kiss. "Yeah?" he amswered,leaning over me.

"I-Im pregnant."

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