Shes got that One Thing (Harry Styles Love) accidentally deleted first):(

Im sorry i accidentally deleted the original story!! It was an accident and i feel horrible, but I will continue the story from where i left off. If you have any questions about what you missed caus i ws a dumbaszz, just message me:) i thank all the people who commetned and read my story, ur amazing!!! I love you so much:)

Chapter 1

In your Arms

Harry P.O.V

As I held Shasta in my arms, I couldnt help but notice someone looking at us from the rafters.

I didnt want to look, so I just closed my eyes and held Shata tightly. "You okay baby?" I asked after a few minutes, and she looked up at me, her bloodshot eyes looking into mine. "I dont know Harry. Just please bring me home." She whispered, and i nodded and lifted her up in my arms. Cameras flashed everywhere, but I didnt care. I shoved through everyone trying to get to my car, and I finally got her to the car. I gently but quickly and ran to the driver's side and reved the engine to get people out of the way. I looked over at Shasta as i drove away, and i ralozed she wa laughing. Had she gone nuts?

"Whats so funny?"

She just smiled at me,"You look cute when your trying to protect me." She said a little shyly, and I agev her a small smile. "Your so beautiful, strong,willing, amazing, and the bravest person I have ever known." I responded, and Shasat stopped smiling and looked at me seriously. "Not true." She said, and looked out thw indow. I grabbed her arm to get her attention,"Yes it is Shasta!I could have never did all the things you did, you didnt break like I wouldve." I argued, and she smiled at me a little.

"What did I ever do to deserve you?"

I smiled and turned my eyes back on the road. "Guess who sent you a sorry card."I said, and Shata looked at me confused. "Who?" She aked, and I smiled a little. "Almost every celebrity you made friends with." I responded, and her eyes went wide. "Really?, she asked excitedly and I smiled at her cuteness. "Yup." She smiled but then stopped when a part of her song, Safe and Sound' was played on the radio.

"Shasta and Harry ahd a tough weak and we hope the best for them. Its such a tragedy and we all hope the police find the killer."

That was quick, i thought, looking at Shasta, who had mor tears flowing. I drove into the parking lot and quickly leaned over and wiped her tears away. "Itll be okay, dont worry." I tried to comfort, and suddenly about 40 men came outside and surrounded us. "Come on Harry, we got to get you inside."One huge guys said, and I looked at him confused. "What?" I aked, and he lead me and Shata to our apartment. "Security is going up. You will be protected from now on." He said in a deep voice, and I grabbed Shata's hand to make sur she was okay.

"Lets go home babe."

She nodded and we let the huge guys lead us to the room. As soon a we got threw the front door, Lucy immedaatly embraced Shasta in a tight hug. "Shasta!" She yelled and I was grabbed my Louis. "Are you okay Harry?, he aked, and I could barley breathe. "Yeah..." i said, and he let go of me, and Lucy had let go of Shasta, who had a horrified look on her face. "What happened babe?" I aked running to her. She held out he phone and I read the message.

Its only you now, Walter's dead. Good luck bxtch. -A

Btw, this story has 70 veiws since i accidentally deleted it. Ill give eveyone updates on how many people read it evey chaptrer.thanks and im sorry again:(

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