Hate Me (Larry Stylinson Love)

I was listening to 'Hate Me' by Blue October and I just wanted to write, so here this is.
This is AU, the guys are not in a band, and yeah, happy ending I promise.
Louis is messed up, emotionally.
Enjoy, rate, and comments are love.

Chapter 1


Louis stood in the shadows of his now cold, and darkened apartment, watched him leave. He watched until he turned the corned and even after that he stood there, feeling numb and empty, but this was for the best. He wasn't what Harry deserved, he'd rather him be with someone normal, not carrying heaps of emotional baggage.
His phone rang it was Liam, he quickly hit the ignore button, he felt too exhausted to do anything, talking included, he just wanted to sleep.

He walked into the bedroom, everything neat and in it's proper place, except the covers. The sheets on the bed still messy from the previous night, he flopped onto the bed and crawled towards the pillows. He inhaled deeply, the smell of masculine cologne still lingered on everything, Louis couldn't help the choked sob that escaped from his lips.

This was for the best he thought.

"It's for the best" He spoke quietly, it was supposed to reassure him, make him feel better about his decision.
It didn't.
He sobbed, gasping for air.
Alone he wrapped himself in the sheets and fell into a fitful slumber, dreaming of big, warm green eyes and chestnut hair and soft ivory skin and a bright contagious smile and Harry.


He walked down the sidewalk, tears quickly clouding his vision, the Autumn air cool and crisp, this was his favorite time of year, but right now, he felt broken, the nice breezes he usually enjoyed seemed too cold now, chilling him to the bone. Harry shook, goosebumps appearing, rubbing his hands up and down his arms, searching for warmth.

Why? Thing seemed to be going so well, he let out a choked gasp, trying to keep from crying, he bit his lip. His knees felt weak and ready to give out any second. He quickly ran to a near-by bus stop, sitting on the rotten wood bench, he sat there and cried, letting it all out. The only other sound was the whipping Autumn breeze around him, stirring the fallen leaves from the ground.
He promptly wiped the tears from his face, he stopped when he noticed the bracelet on his wrist.
Nothing expensive, quite the opposite actually, it was a woven colorful bracelet, like you make at summer camp,
Louis got it from a small stand on the corner, when he saw it he thought 'it's perfect, different, just like you; just for you'.
His phone rang, it was Zayn, he ignored it in favor of silence, Harry knew if he spoke all that would come out were sobs and broken words.
He hastily got up and walked home, feeling empty, alone, thoughts of auburn hair, and soft lips, and husky laughs, and deep blue eyes and Louis.


Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well


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