Tell me your name.

Chapter 1

The boy.

by: Needles
The band played for hours,there hair stuck to the back of there necks from the sweat.They kept bobbing there heads up and down and made most of there hair flip everywhere.They all wore skinny jeans and plain,simple,different colored t-shirts. I cheered along with the crowd,i coulden't remember the name of the band but i enjoyed there music.Everyone was stuck together,i could barely move my arms,i could hear the pants of the guy next to me along with the screams of a fan girl in front of me.The small stage in which they performed on was outside a bar along a dirt road. The clouds up ahead were turning grey and suddenly rain drops fell from them like fallen angels. As the rain fell on my arms i winced in surprise,my arms had been in the sun all day the cool rain ran small shivers up my spine.The band kept on playing even though the rain crashed down on them.As the drummer hit his drums water splattered in the air.Everyone got even more excited and tried to scream over the rain.I stopped cheering and smiled as i lifted my head up to the sky,rain ran down my cheeks like tears.I turned towards the road and saw a boy staring at me he looked no older than me. It looked like blood stained the front of his t-shirt,and ran down his pants.I quickly pushed my way through the screaming crowd to the dirt road. When i finally got out of the crowd the boy was gone. Rain started to make me shiver and i no longer heard the music being played. There was a trail of blood leading to a small entry of the woods. I ran along the trail of crimson blood that was being drifted away by the rain. Finally i came across the woods,i thought about not going in something told me it was a bad idea but despite my thoughts, my legs ran. There was a small clearing where it barely rained and the moonlite the small patch,in the middle of the clearing was the boy. He was deathly pale,he had blond hair stained with blood ,his t-shirt was ripped and stained with blood too. He pointed at me and his mouth fell open letting blood pour out. I gasped and stepped back,suddenly i tripped over a branch still looking at the boy in terror. His eyes were blood shot and near where he stood was a hole in the crowd where it looked like something crawled out of it. The boy smiled despite the blood still pouring out of his mouth and pointed at me then at the hole. I shook my head still in terror. I closed my eyes wishing it would all go away.I counted to five and opened them.


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