You Hold Me Without Touch, You Keep Me Without Chains...(A One Direction Drama/Love Story)

Warning: This story will have some, if not, a lot of drama in it! Is not your usual sappy, happy, lovey dovey kind of story! It will have love, but most of the time it won't.
It will also contain sex(not descriptive, though!), "adult" launguage, use of drugs and alcohol, and violence!

It's different than my other stories, so bare with me! It's also different than most stories here, and it is a One Direction Fan-Fic!

Chapter 1

The Life Of Lexi Blue


I strapped my high heel on, as Linda made my corset extra tight. After I straighten up, I looked in the mirror. My lips seemed to glow, my eyes were perfect, and my cheeks were a flush of pink.
"You look amazing,"said Nathan, the boss, entering the room,"Aren't you glad I took you in?,"he asked cupping his hands on my shoulders and breathing my aroma in.
"Dearly,"I lied, like most of the time we had a conversation. I continued getting ready by putting on my earrings,"But you're just glad you got a number one girl who sells the house out."
He started to laugh knowing it was true, I gave him a noticeable fake smile, well, noticeable to other people. He was too blinded by money and lust to even notice it!
"Do me proud,"he said leaving, but not before slapping my behind. I simply stood there and glared at him through the mirror. He doesn't know how much he sickens me, how much I hate him, and how much I miss my home.
"Come on Lexi, finish the night off,"said Ally entering the the room, I was the closing act, the one every single one of those man came to see.
I quickly fixed my hair and ran to the stage. Which was just a danced floor, with a pole in the middle, one on the right side of the stage, and the other one to the left.
The clients started to clap and cheer for their their star. The cheered the name Aphrodite, my stage name. Nathan came up with it, considering she is the Goddess of Love, he said the only difference between me and her is that I'm the Goddess of Lust.
The music started to play as soon as I got into position. Lust filled the room, I could see it in their eyes and their body language, I could even hear it in their voices. Maybe Nathan is right, maybe I am the Goddess of Lust.

"Great job,"said Linda as I got off stage.
"Just 'cause she's Nathan's girl,"I heard Mindy whisper to Candy.
I am Nathan's girl, but not by choice. I'm forced to live with him, to sleep with him, and I may be forced to marry him one of this days.
Why do I put up with this? Oh that's right! If I don't he will kill me and my family! I got a keeper.
"Or simply because I'm better than both of you put together,"I replied as I put on the my robe, she seemed surprised. Probably didn't expected me to hear her,"Now, I suggest you two leave before I call Nathan."
They did as they were told, they were scared of what Nathan may do. Last time someone told me something in front of him, let's just say that person ended up in a coma.
Nathan got very protective and territorial with me, nobody can even disrespect with a simple glare because they're afraid of what he might do to them. Some girls still do it when they think I'm not looking, but I just don't want to cause more drama around here.
"Hey, you're ready?,"Nathan asked walking towards me.
"Yeah, let me just change,"I replied going towards my dressing room, but he stopped me by stepping in front of me and pulling my super close.
"Nah, leave it like that,"he whispered in my ear,"Lets just say I don't plan sleeping at all tonight."
He then kissed me fiercely, I replied with the same force. I was already use to all of this, all this PDA and fake love. I think we could of done something right there and then if it wasn't for Candy and Mindy. They walked in when Nathan was about to undo my corset.
"Oh sorry..w-we didn't mean t-to,"said Mindy as they both lowered their gaze as Nathan glared at them.
"Come on, I really want to get home now,"I told him seductively, trying to ease the tension, but mostly trying to save the girls.
"Well,"he replied with a devilish smirk,"Lets go."

"You never disappoint..never,"said Nathan as he rolled off me to catch his breath, with a smile planted on his face.
"I know,"I replied wrapping myself in the blanket and standing up.
"Where are you going sweetheart?,"he asked romantically.
"Gonna take a shower, it has been a long night,"I told him as I pointed to the window, the sun was already coming out.
"Go ahead and hurry up, you need to go buy new textile and everything to make more "costumes" for you and the girls,"he said snapping his fingers.
I quickly got out of the room and into the bathroom. Truth be told, I just wanted to wash off his kisses, his scent, his everything. I always felt like after we spend the night together, dirty and gross.

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