Read this to understand my confusing Irish slang :P

I use almost all of these. I try ot refrain from using them on here, but there are some that I use so often I don't even realise that it's Irish slang, lol xD

Chapter 1


by: Apathy_
1. Gowl : Annoying stupid person
2. Sham: A friend
3. Feek : Gorgeous girl
4. Quare: Another meaning for very or unusual
5. Yoke : Thing. any thing or object or person. A broad descriptive term for anything
6. Savage: Very can be good or bad
7. Pure: Really/very
8. Sound: Reliable, dependable, a good sort
9. Cat: An effusive way to say that something is awful or terrible
10. Shades: Garda Siochana (term comes from the 2 shades of blue on the uniform)
11. Banjaxed: Broken
12. Tool: Idiot
13. Fierce: Very
14. Muppet: Fool
15. Gammy: Useless
16. Manky: Very soiled, smelly etc.
17. Shift: French kiss (I use this all the time)
18. Deadly: Fantastic
19. Ride: A goodlooking person
20. Gimp : Fool or idiot.
21. Flute: A bit of a silly person
22. Box: The female genitalia
23. Class: A term used for something good
24. Plastered: To be very drunk
25. Bogger: Rural person
26. Hames: To ruin or destroy
27. Meet: To french kiss someone
28. Rotten; Something horrible/ disgusting.
29. Bullin: 1. He was angry 2. The heifer was bullin 3. She was randy !
30. Mouldy: To get drunk or something thats disgusting
31. Ossified: Drunk
32. Wan: One
33. Feen: Male
34. Like: Used at the end of every sentence
35. Grand: Fine, ok, alright (basically used to describe every emotion out there)
36. Whist: Be quite
37. Stall : French kiss.
38. Hi: Put to the end of almost every sentence!
39. Gander: A look
40. Scuttered: In a very advanced state of intoxication.
41. Well : How are you? Is your day going well
42. Gaff; House (eg, Let's go back to my gaff)
43. Beour: Female
44. Scoops: Alcoholic drink
45. Sketch: Used when keeping a lookout for an authority figure, and one is seen coming
46. Lamp: To hurt someone
47. Aye: Yes
48. Clatter: A slap or a belt
49. Bate: Exhausted
50. Bure: Female
51. Sup: Hello
52. Slash: Urinating
53. Buck: Boy, man, lad
54. Wide: Aware of, understand
55. Gawk: Sick
56. Scatter: A group (esp of inanimate objects)
57. Puss: Sulky face
58. Horse: A friend
59. Jackeen: Person from dublin
60. Mog: Person of low intelligence#
61. Clem : Something bad
62. Score: To kiss someone.
63. Chancer: Dodgy character
64. Gom: Fools
65. Hape: Loads
66. Lock: Small amount
67. Cop On: An order to grab hold of yourself and not be so stupid
68. Baytin: Regional pronunciation for the word beating.
69. Coddin: Joking,
70. Acting The Maggot: Acting in a particularly foolish manner
71. Snake: Sneaky person
72. Gatch: The walk of someone
73. Stall The Ball: Hold on a moment
74. Gombeen: Fool
75. Scratcher: Bed
76. Arseways : To make a mess of
77. Jammy: Lucky person
78. Gas: Funny
79. Jacks: Toilet
80. Craic : Fun,banter
81. Dose: Thats annoying(also used if your sick , eg I've a bit of a dose) (I also call people's dose's sometimes if they say something stupid. In a completely loveable way, of course :P)
82. Mitch: To bunk off
83. Spanner: An idiot
84. Skank: Woman of ill repute
85. Slag: A woman of ill repute
86. Langers: Drunk
87. Stocious: To be very drunk. Pronounced: Sto-shess
88. Puck: To hit with a closed fist
89. Wee: Small
90. Massive: Great, super
91. Buckled: Under the influence
92. Gobshite: If someone gets on your nerves (basically it describes an eget )
93. Schkelp: To thump/hit
94. Pandy: Cork speak for mushed spuds, milk and butter
95. Cut: The state of, appearance (eg The cut of ye)
96. Yokes: Extacy tablets
97. Banter: A bit of craic
98. Mighty: Very good
99. Rank : Mouldy
100. Locked: To be drunk

ALSO: For us, we don't have YOLO. We have "Aw, sure it'll be grand! :D" xD


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