I never realised how much Fred and George loved each other until...

I never realised how much Fred and George loved each other until...

Chapter 1

I think I have just tasted heaven for the first time....

Okay. I'm literally crying inside right now! DX
Thanks to this : http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/fred-and-george-weasley

This is about Fred and George. It's related to one of those "Behind the Scenes" sort of....I'll just make it clearer here. The pic's in my album btw...:'(


When filming Fred's death, everyone was crying tears as their fake son, brother, friend died. But as Oliver (George) looked down at his own real brother and real best friend,he started choking on his sobs as he feared, 'What if this was real?. After the director called cut, and James (Fred) sat up, Oliver threw his arms around him and cried into James' shoulder. Everyone stepped away to give them a moment. Through the sobs, however, everyone was able to catch a simple "I love you, James!" James puts his arm around Oliver and squeezed him in a hug, "Good God, man. I'm not really dead!But I love you too." Oliver sniffled, "I know...I just thought...what if you were?" James stayed quiet for a few moments, before tears fell from his eyes too, imagining what that must feel like. In that moment, the two brothers were never closer. " I love you, Oliver," James cried, hugging Oliver tightly to him. " I love you too, James," Oliver whimpered back, returning his tight embrace.

DX OMG! I'm ... speechless!

And this :

Did You Know?

Before Fred died, him and George used the Mirror of Erised as a normal mirror because they both were as happy as they could be. They never knew what the Mirror actually did. Then, when Fred died, George looked into the Mirror again, and saw Fred standing next to him. Then, he realized what the mirror actually did.


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