Dirty Little Secrets (A Hogwarts Story)

Dirty Little Secrets (A Hogwarts Story)

Jaxin Loureene is one of the most popular girls in Slytherin. She's top of her class in Potions and the best Hexer in her year. But there's a problem; she's failing Charms and Transfiguration.

Suzanna Cameron is a quiet Ravenclaw struggling to survive. She's scared of Slytherins and is constantly grabbing for her mother's charm around her neck. She's smart in everything she does, and avoids bad situations.

So how the hell did these two become best friends and survive the war together?

Chapter 2

Charm Stealing

I rushed down the corridor as I sped to potions class. Mandy and Lisa already went down since I had woke up rather late. Also, I had completely forgotten about the Potions test today. I was so sidetracked with the thought of failing, that I had not noticed the girl with blond hair walking right in front of me. I slammed into her as both of our books and notes went flying.

"Get off!" she yelled. I could recognize that voice from anywhere. Jaxin Loureene, the best hexer in our grade. Her family had hated mine for as long as I could remember. They're the reason for what happened to my mother. I immediately started to pick up my books and notes. I reached for one that was by her foot, thinking it was mine. "Those are my Charms notes" she growled. 

I realized she was right.  "S-sorry"

"Better be," she replied as she picked up the Charms notes. I continued to pick up my notes, when a pictuliar notebook caught my eye. It was her Potions notebook. I quickly grabbed it and shoved it in my bag. She was the top of our class in Potions, besides Hermione Granger, who I wasn't too familiar with. I figured that if anyone's notes could help me, her's would. I was getting my last paper, a homework for History of Magic, when Jaxin suddenly spoke.

"I know you," she said, making me drop it. "What are you running from, Half-Blood?"

"N-Nothing, l-late for class," I stuttered, starting to back away.

"Whatever. Get out of here before I hex you into next week,” she snapped. And with the notebook securely tucked in my bag, I ran for it.

When I got to the Potions room, I found out that I was still early, so I sat down and started to read out of Jaxin's notebook. She was really good in this class, I had to admit, but if it wasn't for Professor Snape, I'd probably be doing better. I was quickly flipping through when Jaxin stormed down the hall. I barely had time to look up before she had me by my robes and  pushed me up against the wall. The notes went flying as she held her wand to my throat. My eyes were opened wide as I struggled against her grip.

"Stop!" she yelled as her wand pushed harder into my throat. I stopped moving, fearing of what she was capable of. 

"Now listen to me you little bug,” she spat. “I know you took my Potion’s notebook. Do you like stealing, huh?"

"No, no I-" I tried to deny. 

"Shut up!" She readied her wand at me. Of all of the hexes and curses, which one would she use? I closed my eyes and braced for the worst. "Furnun-" as if I already didn't have a problem with acne, I thought. 

"Lourenne, what do you think your doing?" Professor Snape interrupted. Jaxin released me as I fell to the ground. I immediately picked up the notebook and put it safely back in my bag. I couldn't let Snape find out what I did.

"Professor! She- she stole my notebook!" Jaxin said, defending herself. Snape turned to me. 

"Is this true?" I shook my head. I was afraid if I spoke he would be able to tell that I was lying. I hoped that he would believe me and not Jaxin. I mean, this is, what, the third time something like this happened? Apparently Snape thought the same.

"But she-" Jaxin tried again.

“Loureene, I have never seen you take notes in my class, and this is the third incident I have caught you in. Ten points from Slytherin," Snape said to my relief. Jaxin looked furious.  When she started to explain why, I used that time to sneak into the classroom and sit down at the seat farthest away. Professer Snape and Jaxin entered a little while after. She and her friend were talking, probably about me, when Snape yelled for them to quiet down. All throughout the test I could feel glares coming from Jaxin. I would have to give her back her notebook, but how would I do that avoiding a trip to Madame Pomfrey?

When I completed my test (fairly early thanks to the notes, also surprising Professer Snape, as I was constantly failing his class), I rushed out of the classroom hoping I could safely get to my common room before Jaxin completed her test. I turned the corridor when I was tripped, followed by laughter. 

"You honestly thought you could get away?" Jaxin sneered. She grabbed me again and continued talking. "Thought little miss- Look at me!" I looked up, fear in my eyes. This is what happened to my mother, but in a different scenario. I grabbed my charm that hung around my neck. She noticed and grabbed it first, pulling it off.

"Thats mine! You-" I started.

"I can't what? I think this will make a good decoration in the black lake. I'm sure the merpeople will love it" she taunted. I looked at her begging with my silent pleas. The evil look in her eye showed that begging would not help in my case. So I took a different route.

"Please I-I'll help you!" I said, hoping this would change her mind, everyone knew she was failing transformation and charms. She paused with a curious look in her eyes.

"What?" she spat.

"T-tutoring! I can help you. I-in t-t-transformation! And c-charms!" But just as I said that footsteps came down the corridor. 

It was Professer McGonagall. Jaxin through me down instantly and started to deny doing anything while I scrambled all of my books together and shoved them into my bag. 

"I swear we were just talking Professer!" Jaxin stated. McGonagall didn't look satisfied. 

"I wouldn't say you two were just talking in the point of view of Suzanna. Would you?" she paused. Once I didn't say anything she continued. "abuse will not be tolerated at this school! Jaxin you will serve dete-" 

"No! Please Porfesseur, nothing happened here. There's no need for any punishments!" I interrupted. I don't know compleatly why I did it, part of it was out of fear, but I could have just left the situation alone, but I couldn't. 

"Suzanna?" Professer McGonagall looked bewildered. She looked at me with concerned eyes. "We'll I gusse there's no reason to continue here. Jaxin, Suzanna, please go back to your common roomes at once." She left leaving me and Jaxin. I took one look at Jaxin and sprinted away, leaving Jaxin standing there.

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