Dirty Little Secrets (A Hogwarts Story)

Dirty Little Secrets (A Hogwarts Story)

Jaxin Loureene is one of the most popular girls in Slytherin. She's top of her class in Potions and the best Hexer in her year. But there's a problem; she's failing Charms and Transfiguration.

Suzanna Cameron is a quiet Ravenclaw struggling to survive. She's scared of Slytherins and is constantly grabbing for her mother's charm around her neck. She's smart in everything she does, and avoids bad situations.

So how the hell did these two become best friends and survive the war together?

Chapter 1

Filthy Half-Blood

“Did you study for the Potion’s test today?” Mary asked as we walked down the stairs to the dungeons. I laughed.

“Study? I’ve memorized the textbook!” I boasted. Daphne giggled a little bit.

“You’re probably the only person I know who takes time to memorize recipes,” she said.

“What about Granger?” Pansy reminded her.

“Who?” Daphne smiled jokingly. We all burst into laughter.

“Granger is the worst,” Jenna stated firmly. I smiled.

“Hey, where’s Paisley and Lauren?” asked Tracey out of the blue. We all surveyed the corridor.

“I don’t know, I thought they were with us just a minute ago...” Pansy muttered, more to herself.

“We’re here! Sorry!” Lauren said as she ran up from nowhere, her twin sister Paisley right on her heels, their raven black ponytails swishing from side to side.

“Just stopped to buy some things off Fred and George Weasley,” Pais said. Her voice always sounded alluring; it gave me shivers. As Miles Bletchly, the Slytherin Keeper, once said, it was “very sexy.”

“You mean those filthy bloodtraitors?” Daphne snorted.

“I know, I know, but they do got a good bunch of, well, pranking supplies,” Lauren shrugged.

“And you gotta admit they ain’t that bad looking,” Pais added with a wink.

“NO, PAISLEY!” Everyone said at once. It was a commonly used phrase. The thing about the Hart twins was they were both extremely beautiful. They had light brown skin and sparkling eyes the color of roasted chestnuts, usually accented with black points made of eyeliner at the corners. Needless to say they had a lot of admirers (even though they were only eleven).

I smiled as Paisley and Lauren showed us their new seemingly-harmless candies, continuing to walk forward.

“And these are called Puking Pestles,” Lauren said excitedly.

“That’s gross,” Daphne said in a tone that matched her statement exactly. I wanted to laugh, but before I got around to it, some looser Ravenclaw girl slammed into me as she ran from somewhere behind me, sending us both flying forwards.

“Get off!” I yelled, flinging her off of me. She was collecting her books again before I could even get to my feet. I was showered by comments of “are you all right” and “are you hurt”. But I didn’t pay much attention; I was too interested in the girl. She went to grab for a paper by my foot, but I stomped on it and glared down at her. She looked up with wide eyes.

“Those are my Charm’s notes,” I growled fiercely. She let go like it had suddenly caught flame.

“S-Sorry-” she stuttered, backing away.

“Better be,” I spat, pulling my notes from under my shoe and placing them in my textbook. I looked the girl over a little more, making sure not to look friendly in any way. She was familiar looking. I’d probably been in class with her before. Wait, I did know her... Her name was Suzanna Cameron, Mum had told me about her family.

“I know you,” I said suddenly, making her jump and drop another paper, “What’re you running from, Half-blood?”

“N-Nothing, l-late for c-class...” she trailed off, backing away slowly as if I might eat her at any moment. I snorted, flipping my nose into the air.

“Whatever. Get out of here before I hex you into next week,” I snapped. The comment received intimidating whoops from the rest of the girls. I was the best at hexes in this entire school; everyone knew that. She took my advice and was gone in seconds.

“I hate Ravenclaws,” Pansy muttered, helping me gather my loose parchment. I looked through my things, frantically searching around in my pile.

“What’re you looking for?” Jenna asked. I looked up, angry.

“The biitch!” I exclaimed, shoving my books and things at Mary, letting my wand slide out of my sleeve and into my hand.

“What?” Tracey asked, confused.

“She stole my notebook!” I seethed, storming off after her. I could hear the encouragement coming from the girls as I turned the corner.

I found her sitting outside the Potion’s classroom, waiting for the Professor to come. She was on one of the benches, her knees to her chest as she flipping through my notebook, reading quickly. I hurried over, and I had her by the front of her robes, her papers spilled on the floor and her eyes wide. I pushed her up against the wall, my wand held threateningly across her throat. She was squirming, trying to get out of my grip.

“Stop!” I barked, pushing my wand harder into her throat. She did. “Now listen to me you little bug,” I spat, “I know you took my Potion’s notebook. Do you like stealing, huh?”

“No, no I-” she squeaked. I banged her into the wall again.

“SHUT UP!” I growled, readying my wand at her. Which one, which one... I thought, thinking of the most fun hexes and jinxes. “Furnun-”

“Loureene, what do you think you’re doing?” interrupted Professor Snape’s cold voice. I dropped my hand off of Suzanna and spun around, my cheeks colored.

“Professor! She- she stole my notebook!” I jumped to defending myself. Snape looked at her as she caught her breath.

“Is this true?” he asked her. She shook her head.

“But she-” I began.

“Loureene, I have never seen you take notes in my class, and this is the third incident I have caught you in. Ten points from Slytherin.”

“That’s because I take them at night! But... Professor!” I yelled after him as he whisked himself off into the classroom. I turned around on Suzanna, but she was gone. I grumbled swears under my breath and returned to the classroom, sitting myself angrily next to Daphne.

“You get it back?” she asked in a hushed tone.

“Snape caught me. Ten points!” I hissed, arranging my quills on my desk (which I guessed Mary had put there for me).

“No talking,” Snape said calmly, flicking his wand to distribute the tests. I couldn’t help but glare at Suzanna the whole time. If she got a good grade on this... Even if she didn’t... She was in for it.

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