ONE DIRECTION Forever and Always (Harry Styles Love Story)

This story is about a 18 year old girl named Demmi who dreams to meet 1D! When she is on a holiday in Europe she goes to a place surrounded by gates which look tempting to jump. If she jumps them what will change her life forever??? Who will she meet???? Does one direction actually live there??????

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I was so excited; we were in England on a Europe Tour. It was summer at the moment in Europe. Today we had planned to go and visit the Princess Park Manor before travelling by train to France. I had read over the internet that the One Direction boys lived there, however, I truly doubt that is true otherwise there would be screaming fans outside all the time. I had put this on to wear for the day (
Mum: Demmi are you ready? The cabs here.
Me: Yeah Mum I am coming!
We got in he cab and drove off to the Princess Park Manor. When we arrived the large iron gates were locked so Mum just took a picture of me standing outside the gates of such a large building.
Me: Look at it, its huge!!!
Dad: Yes it is but we better get a move on otherwise we will miss our train to France.
Whilst Dad was talking to the cab driver in the front, Mum was strapping my little brother in his car seat and my sister, Hayley, was listening to her iPod, I jumped the iron gates and ran up to the registration desk. I do not know what had come over me but I wanted to know if One Direction really lived there.
Man at the registration desk: Hello there may I help you?
Me: Umm yes, would you be able to point e in the direction of Louis William Tomlinson please?
I said this in a very posh voice so that I did not seem like a fan.
The man at the registration desk pointed me in a direction and before I knew it I was standing at room 101.

I finished strapping John in the car seat and assumed Demmi had sat in the back of the cab as we got a large cab because there were so many of us. We took off to the train station with everyone in the cab. The cab seemed very quite so I thought maybe Demmi had fallen asleep in the back.

I knocked on door number 101. Firstly there was no answer then as I went to knock again the door opened and there stood Louis Tomlinson. I couldn’t believe it, I was actually standing in front of the man of my dreams. I could not wait to meet the others!!! I was head over heels to see him standing there!!! OMG!!!
Me: Umm, hello I’m Demmi may I come in?
I said this with a bubble of excitement inside of me waiting to explode!!!
Louis: Yeah, sure come in.
Me: I am a really big fan of One Direction and I was coming to visit this giant building and I had read over the internet that you guys lived here so I jumped the fence and came up to find you guys.
Louis: Well we do live here but we may have to move now because if you tell others we will never get peace and quiet without the fans at our door all the time.
Me: Oh, Well you can trust me, I will never tell a soul. Promise.
Louis: Well, all right then.
I went and sat by the window as I listened to him talk about the band, I looked outside the window and the cab was gone with my family to France!!!
Me: Oh my goodness!!! The cab has gone with my family to France. They will board a train in 30 minutes.
Louis: Oh geese, we better go get the other boys and find your parents!

I heard a knock on the door so I got up to answer it. As I opened the door I saw a beautiful girl standing there. I knew none of us boys had a girlfriend so I knew one of us would want to hook up with her. I let her in and she told me all about herself and how she was a big fan of One Direction, she was 18 and her name was Demmi Wallace. She explained she was touring Europe and was about to leave for France later today. I started talking to her about that band and she went and sat next to the window. Then she interrupted me.
Demmi: Oh my goodness!!! The cab has gone with my family to France. They will board a train in 30 minutes.
Me: Oh geese, we better go get the other boys and get there before the train leaves!
I thought if she had some sort of idea where her family was going and at what time and date, we could track her family down and hopefully get to the train station before the train left.
Me: Come follow me, we will get the other boys, get in the van and go to wherever your family is heading.
Demmi: Ok.

I followed Louis to the other boy’s room. I met Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn. They were all so nice and were happy to help me get to the train station. As I followed Louis to the van the others were continuously looking at me. It was really awkward.
Me: You know you guys do not have to do this; I could just catch another cab to the train station.
Zayn: Yeah but if you missed the train where would you stay for the night, where would you go and what would you do. So if we drop you off you can go make sure the train has not left yet. If it has you can come back and stay with us, if it hasn’t you can go with your family to France.
Me: True, I see your point there Zayn.
We walked down a million stairs because the elevators were not working. Harry came up to me and gave me my number. I put it into my phone and I gave Harry mine. He was really sweet.

I saw Louis with the most beautiful girl in the world and I thought instantly in my head “I dibs her!” She was my age and she had the most beautiful hair in the world. I went straight up to her and gave her my number. I got hers in return, which was a great start. Niall did not look too interested in her so I thought this girl is going to be mine.
Me: Hey, I’m Harry, it’s nice to meet you Demmi.
Demmi: Thank you Harry, its nice to meet you too.
I saw her blush then and thought she might be falling for me.

We reached the van and all jumped in. I sat in the back in the middle of harry and Niall. Zayn was in the front while Louis was driving. Liam squished in the back with us. The only stuff I had was my backpack with my sunnies, a water bottle, the itinerary of where we were going, and a snack. Harrys and my eyes kept catching each other’s and it was getting awkward. Louis asked me to get my itinerary out of my backpack so we could have a look where my family was heading. When we arrived at the train station we ran in to catch the train. But we were too late. The train had left 5 minutes ago. Louis was driving to slow (as usual).
Niall: Lucky we drove you here and you didn’t just catch another cab other wise where would have you gone from there. You would have been alone.
Liam: Yeah, because it is getting late you can stay in one of our flats if you want. We all have a spare bed in our flats.
Harry: Good idea Liam, and we can continue searching for you family in the morning.
Me: But I have no other clothes, my suitcase was in the cab with my family’s stuff.
Louis: Don't worry about that love, we are famous and we have loads of money, we will send you shopping with our stylist because it would be awkward shopping for lady clothes with us hanging around.
We all laughed.
Me: Cool, Thanks guys, your all awesome!
When we arrived I decided to stay in Louis flat in his spare bed because he was the first I had met. On the way home we stopped at Nandos for dinner, as that was Niall’s favourite place to eat. Louis let me borrow some tracky pants and a shirt that night to wear to bed.

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