To Finish or Not to Finish (The 23rd Hunger Games)

Hey guys, need you to read this, it concerns our group story.

Chapter 1

Should we?

Hey guys, as you know, Maddi either deleted without telling us or Quibblo deleted her account, so, that leaves the subject of our group story. Should we continue? Here's how we can do it:

I'll create a group story and name it 'The 23rd Hunger Games', then copy down all of the chapters in our one with Maddi and paste them in the story. We can then continue the story. Now here's the question: What happens if Maddi comes back? Well, I'll send our story to her and she can copy them down into her story and she can add in her chapters.

Now here's the other big question; What happens to Maddi's character? I think we should leave her out, or have someone else write in her POV. But if you want to write in Rosea Finnel's POV, (Maddi's character), then please know that Maddi should have the option of continuing from the POV of her character if she comes back.

But if you're like me and you really miss her and just can't bear to the story without her but you will if everyone else is doing it; then we don't have to do it. It's all up to you guys, and we will only continue if the majority of us want to do it.

Thanks so much for reading this!!! I know I sounded cold and professional, but that's just because I really miss Maddi!!! D; And no matter what we decide, please know that I will always honor our wonderful group story!!! Thanks again!!!!

~ Lexi :)


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