I'm done. I won't come back.

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Chapter 1


by: Apathy_
That's it
I'm done
I won't come back
You can't convince me
I'm sure of that.
Maybe I did something
Was it something I said?
But you'll regret it
After I'm dead.
Once I was happy
Remember that time?
Before you committed
A horrendous crime.
I can't forgive you
Just wanted you to know.
And quit your crying
You sound like a crow.
Next time you'll think
Before teasing someone like me
Or maybe you'll be smart
Maybe you'll flee.
It's not my fault I'm stupid
Idiotic, dumb
I get it, okay?
My response; "Um..."
Just leave me alone
You rotten cow
You know who you are
And you're sorry now.
The knife's in my hand
I'm ready to die
Don't you dare even think
About starting to cry.
It's all your fault
Do you know that?
Now live with the guilt
You filthy rat.
You're reading this now
My dear fake friend
So you can quit your game
I've reached the end.
The knife is red
I'm pouring blood
All over the kitchen,
A thick scarlet flood.
I feel the pain slightly
But not that much
I'm too busy enjoying
Your emotional crutch.
You're crying so hard
I can see the tears.
Praying you're just dreaming
One of your insane fears.
You're not, you know
I'm really dead
My heart has stopped
And so has my-


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