Angel of Darkness

Angel of Darkness

This is a story about a girl who goes throught so much in her life. Please enjoy, and don't forget to comment and rate.

Chapter 1


I walked in the room, faking a smile. I took Lystra's hand and squezzed it tightly before walking away from her. I ran my hand down the side of my dress, over the gun that was hidden there. I rolled my shoulders and grabbed the hand of the closest guy and pulled him over towards me. He smiled when I started to dance. Th movements of my hips drawing him closer to me, so close that I could smell the chemicals on him.
I nodded across the room to Lystra and smirked, for he was young enough to break down easily. It was going to be easy. I grabbed his hand, looking him in the eyes and pulled him out the back door to where I pushed him against the ally side and began to kiss his neck. I move my hand steadily up my dress and he froze once he heard the clicking of my gun.
I stepped back and laughed. I held the gun perfectly and steadily, watching his everymove. "Where's the main building?"
His eyes narrowed and he raised his hands. I took a step closer to him and kicked him in the knee, knocking him over. I looked him in the eyes and said, "I don't want to kill you, but I will if I have to."
"I can't help you. I'm not capable of it." He said and I kicked him again.
"Tell me!" I screamed, losing control of my emotions. "I need to find him!"
The man looked honestly sad for me, but that just pisssed me off even more. I pulled back the trigger and released it, expecting the man's eyes to lose their life, but intsead I was thrown backwards. I quickly put out my hands and slid back a leg. I looked up to see the man running away. I cursed and jumped up, throwing a kick at the man who stood there. The one who had caused me to lose my prey.
I pulled back an arm and then stopped. The wind threw my reddish brown hair into my face as I breathed, "Akio?"
His hair was blown back, just enough so could see his dark eyes. I dropped the gun and reached up to touch his face. To see if he was really there. But before I could do so, he grabbed my hand. I looked down and away from the intenseness in his eye that had always drawn me in.
"Zaila. . ." he said, so gently.
I shook my head and used my free hand to slap him across the face. I looked up to him, my eyes burning with anger. "You idiot. You left us. All of us. It's your fault that Daisuke is dead. He tried to follow you after you got caught."
Akio grabbed my other hand and looked me in the eyes. "Daisuke is dead?"
"Yes." Tears dripped down my face. "Because of you. Because you let yourself get captured."
Akio shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't think he would follow me. . ."
I laughed and felt my whole body shake. "We all followed you."
I pulled back my hand and started to walk away, but before I could get anywhere, Akio grabbed my shoulders and pulled me towards him, and pressed his lips against mine. The motion was familiar and it felt so right to have his warm lips against mine, but at the same time it was wrong. The moment he pulled away, I said, "Come on. You just saved us a lot of work."
"What do you mean?" Akio asked, his eyebrows pulling together.
"We have been looking for you." I said. "That's what I was doing here tonight. We need to get back to the others."
Akio shook his head and stepped away from me. "I can't go back. Not after what I've done."
Akio turned and began to run. I stared at him for a moment screaming, "Running doesn't help? Why do you always choose it?"
I sighed and began to run after him once more. I caught glimce of him and yelled, "Kiko!"
That was his nick-name. No one had dared to use it sense he had left, but I hoped that it would slow him down. Yet, it seemed to have the oppisite affect. I kept ruuning, but I flung out my wings, feeling them rip through my skin and then my dress. I flew over-head and saw him and landed right in front of him. He ran into me, knocking me over. I felt my head hit the ground and let out a gasp of pain when one of my wings folded under me in a awkward posistion.
"Zaila! I'm so sorry! This is why I can't stay. I'll always hurt you." Akio said, leaning over me.
I laughed and sat up. "I only ever get hurt by you when you run, so why don't you just stay and protect me? If you run, I will always try to follow you. Come on. The others are waiting."
I got up and pulled him up with me. I smiled as he pulled out him wings and flew up in the air gracfully. I lead the way back to the gang's temperary living place. The old abandoned barn.
"Akio!" Lystra said when she saw him. She turned to me and said, "I thought something went wrong, Zaila! I went out back and found your gun, but no you."
I grinned and took back my gun.
The others had gathered around Akio, asking him why he had left. He never fully answered them, though. I looked around and saw that no one had made any dinner. "Zoki! Akane! Ami! Where's dinner?"
"Sorry, but we got distracted." Zoki answered, as the twins giggled, their blonde hair bouncing off their slight shoulders.
I frowned at Zoki and his cheeks grew slightly red. I turned to Satoru and saw his dark green eyes narrowed at Akio, who was staring back just as angry. His dark brown eyes danced for a fight. I walked in between them and floded m arms. "What's going on?"
They both looked at me and it was Satoru who answered, "It's nothing. Here. I have something to show you!"
He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and lead me into a stable, where a cat that had been living there finally gave birth. I felt my eyes widen and leaned down and pet one, it was so tiny, ugly, and yet still cute.
Satoru laughed at my reaction and said, "Ami and Akane want one, so watch out."
I sighed. "They're fifteen. They should know that we can't keep them when we're on the road."
Satoru's black hair fell in his face and I instictivly reached up and moved it out of his eyes and then pulled back, remembering the most recent of Akio and I's kisses.
"Is something wrong?" Satoru asked, taking my hand.
I shook my head and said, "I'm starving. I can't believe those three didn't do what I assigned them to!"
Satoru's laugh was hiding something, so I took his hand and lead him out to the main part of the barn. I sat down at an old table and said, "We need to get moving fast. One got away from me and knows that we're near."
Lystra nodded and her blue eyes lite up. She pulled up her light brown hair as she said, "We're going to need new weapons soon anyways, so why don't we go stay with my brother?"
I thought about it for a moment before nodding. "We'll move tomorrow in the morning. Go get some sleep now."
I got up and began to pack everyone things up while they all slept. I walked outside once I was finished and flyed to the roof. I laid there, in my stupid dress, and sighed.
"Hey." Someone said, making me jump.
I sighed once I saw that it was Akio and relaxed. "Don't sneak up on me like that!"
Akio laughed and laid down mext to me. I could see him studying me out of the corner of his eyes. "So. . .You're with Satoru."
It wan't a question. Either Satoru had comfronted him, or Zoki had told him. I rememberd how I had met Akio. He had been arrested right after I had met him. That's how I fell in love with him. He took my place even though we had just met, for it wasn't him who was supposed to be arrested.
"Your wings. . . " Akio said, drawing me back from memories. "They're black now. Like mine. What happened?"
I thought about how they had steadily gone from white to black soon after Akio had left me. I was never going to be able to explain it, so I just shrugged.

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