The life of a 11 year old.

A 11 year olds life with a bad start of read the story to find out the rest

Chapter 1

Nerf gun!

Dear Diary,
Today my mom requested to be friends with this really cute girls mom on facebook. Her name is Rocky Jones she is in my class. I don't thinks she likes me,but she might hid it really really well. I'm going to have my friend ask her if she likes me. So my friend named Jim Walter asked her and she said heak YEAH!! He is so cute!! Then Jim ran to me and said she likes you she likes you !!! In my mind I was like YES YES YES!!!! But on the other hand I was like I have to ask her out!!! Also I was like she can't find out that my mom was expecting a girl not a boy. Like for my 9th birthday I got a makeup set and for my 10th birthday I got a barbie and my 11th birthday I got a diary with a high heel on the front with little diamonds and fur on the front UGG!! All I want for my birthday is a nerf gu a nerf gun that's all I want!!


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