The 76th Hunger Games


Katniss Everdeen has just won the 75th Hunger Games (the rebellion failed) and now President Snow demands one more deadly match.

Chapter 1

The Reaping

I can't believe she died.
2 Years and a full Hunger Games have passed and I still can't believe she's dead.
She trained so hard! I thought for sure she would've made it!
I'm mad at Enobaria for not training her hard enough.
I'm mad at mother, who never believed in her.
I'm mad at Cato for breaking his promise and not being there for her.
I'm mad at her for torturing Katniss when she could've just killed her.
I'm mad at me, because if she hadn't volunteered for me, she wouldn't be dead.
I just want my sister back.

The night before the Reaping I have vivid nightmares about Clove's death. Every day since Thresh pounded a rock into her skull I have never slept well. Not even on my birthday, not on Clove's birthday, not ever.
The sun finally shines through my window and wakes me from my not-so-deep sleep and I groan. It's Reaping day, and I have no doubts it will be me.
I've trained very hard. I could probably win. I'm 16 now, and we've had 12-year-old victors before, so with my skill I might come home. Question is, do I want to? I'm not sure if I want to come home gloating to my sister that I won and she didn't. Clove was the best most supportive sister ever, and without her, I don't know what I'd do.
My mom isn't up yet. big surprise. she was never supportive. I can't believe she even cried when Clove died. It's not like she ever loved us, anyway.
I skip breakfast this morning so I can have one last training session with Enobaria before the Reaping. Of course, when I get there she's still eating her's and makes me sit down and eat.
Ding Dong.
Thank goodness. The doorbell brings Enobaria to the door and I can dump my oatmeal down the garbage disposal. She's a good fighter, but I really don't like her cooking.
It's Aiden, Cato's brother.
Oh God.
Aiden is, in a word, obnoxious. He is always hitting on me and he never accepts that I don't like him. He keeps saying that since Clove and Cato liked each other we should too. Aiden says if I'm ever in the Hunger Games he would protect me. My response is always the same.
"Cato tried to protect Clove in the Hunger Games and how did that work out?"
I must say I'm kind of flattered, but he is really getting on my nerves. Especially since Enobaria made us sparring partners. Let's just say I can beat him in everything, because he is not like his brother.
Aiden enters the house and slides into the seat next to me. We wait in silence for Enobaria to finish her breakfast. She gets so irritated that we are watching her that she stands up with her spoon in her mouth and unlocks the training room. We head downstairs and I am hit with the most beautiful sight that I see everyday. Its the glorious shine of weapons. Throwing, stabbing, shooting or survival weapons that make me smile. This may sound creepy and sadistic, but I can't help where I was raised.
I immediately head over to swordplay, where I know I need touching up. I began to slices some dummies to shreds when I feel this creeping sensations shivering throughout my body. I turn and Aiden is staring at me uncomfortably. I shudder one last time before deciding to give him something to gape at.
Throwing knives.
I casually stroll over to the knife center, where they have every type of knives imaginable. Throwing knives, daggers, cutting knives. It's heaven for a Whitlock like Clove and I.
picking up my favorite set, I stand on the target line, punch in my ID code, so Enobaria can track our training, and press the large red button meaning "Activate Targets"
The slow and steady buzzing of lights warming up rings through my ears. I love that sound. It means my victims are waking up in my mind.
The first cutout lights up. My knife cartwheels from my hand and embeds itself into the bulls-eye painted on the cutout's heart. The second lights up and it too finds a dagger in it's head. I have three knives left.
Two more targets pop up on either side of me. I cross my arms and straighten them out to the sides, thrusting with all my might, and each in instantly dead.
One last dummy stands alone in the middle. I grin. This'll be easy.
The world seems to slow down as I lift my arm. slowly, it seems, my elbow propels forward and following is my wrist. At the last second I let go of the weapon, and it spirals perfectly to own a new place in it's heart.
The buzzer rings like a carnival game. I win!
I turn and smirk at Aiden. His mouth is wide open. It's easily my best performance yet.
Now Enobaria comes back down here and tells us to go get ready for the Reaping, so I reluctantly place my knives on the shelf and walk out the door.


I hate these stupid stuffy Reaping gowns.
My mother stuffed me into the ugliest white dress I have ever seen. She did my hair in Clove's elegant twists. I look exactly like her now. These were her Reaping clothes the year she died.
My mother thinks the Hunger Games are brilliant and the rebels deserved to die. As much as I hate Katniss, I didn't want her to die! However my mother wants me to be the ideal victor so I have to at least try. And if someone rebels when I'm in the Arena, I'm going to scream all the foul words I know at that person trying to get us all killed.
I stand in line waiting to go to my section of the courtyard with the other 16 year old girls and I hardly notice as the woman in front pricks my finger and takes a sample of my blood. After that I rush over to my only friend, Karissa Devon, and she is about as nervous as I was my first time. These days it's just a natural feeling, but to her, nerves are cancer. They never go away easily.
Finally finally FINALLY our district escort Venti Lolligraph floats across the stage. She is scary in her brilliant green hair and deep blue dress and high high HIGH heels so tall I don't understand how she still has two unbroken ankles. The typical announcement, the typical video, the typical speech from Venti and she draws the lucky lady's name.
"Hazel Whitlock!"
I sigh. Big surprise. I knew President Snow had it out for me ever since Clove and Cato got engaged in the Arena. Blech. Anyway, I just march up to the center of the stage and take my place standing next to Venti, who must be 3 inches shorter than me if not for her shoes. Venti shakes my hand and asks me if I will allow volunteers.
"Miss Whitlock refuses volunteers!" She announces before I can reply. President Snow probably forced her to. Looking unimpressed, I sit next to Enobaria who squeezes my hand. I pull away. She may be my mentor but I don't need her sympathy.
Next Venti pulls out the name Trent Evans who comes up on stage and winks at me. Ugh. Trent asked me out 3 times last year, but he's still better than Aiden.
Speaking of Aiden, guess who volunteers for Trent? You got it. Aiden. He steps forward before Trent refuses volunteers. Aiden hops up, and immediately grabs my wrist and pulls me into the Justice Building.
"Whats up, Hazel? You acted so calm coming up here! Why are you calm!"
I just shrug and walk over to the Peacekeepers who escort me to my room.
The last thing I see before they shut the door is Aiden looking like his only love just died and was taken away by a hovercraft.

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