Poems by a true optimist

I wrote most of these at school and now some of my friends think I am dark and scary. I am not. I am really an optimist that really liked Edgar A. Poe ( he never used Allen!) So please don't try to judge my personality from these poems.

Chapter 1

Life and Death 1

by: topbmfc
Oh, wonderful Life that brings only happiness,
That brings to all joy and madness.
Me and my loves just walking through you,
Then Death comes along and steals one of few.
Oh, the horrible Death sting hanging over me,
Why has Life done this to me?
While my friends went and died,
You kept only me alive.
Oh, won't it be better to go along?
With all the ones I loved were drawn?
There is no happiness in Life only sorrow.
So now the pain of Life surrounds me no more,
For Death has rest fore me evermore.

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