The 575th Games. Also the 23rd Quell. Read the intro or else.

What to put here there could be ALOT of resembles to Cato,Clove, and Embordia. As she is from D2. But not so much Embordia.
Am I the only one who though Brutes was weak? I mean PEETA killed him he's PEETA. And this is my way Clato won the 570th games[Cause they just HAVE to be the mentors :P]. Btw Grammer and Spelling are not my friend. Period.

Chapter 1

The Morning Of the 575Th Annual; Hunger Games Reaping


I wake up thinking I will volenterr this is my year. I get up and take a shower. Then I put on this stupid green thing my mom is making me wear. She wants me to look nice if I go to the Capitol. I think she means when I go to the Capitol."Marsie breakfast!" My mom yells. "Coming!' I yell back as I get my Tennis shoes on and hope she does not notice. "Hurry!" She says "I'm coming i'm coming!" I say as I finish Putting on my shoes. Then I run down the staircase. "Ok i'm ready." I say "But Marsie but haven't put your hair up and you need to change your shoes. Now go." Mom says "But I refuse," I repond and sit down. "You're already making me wear this green this thing. Why should I have to wear my hair up and nice shoes?" I complain "You want to look nice if you go to the Capiol. Don't you?" She asks "No,I don't care how I look when I go to the Capitol or while im there or in the Games or when I win." I say. "Now Marsie come on." She says "No! Im not wearing this thing or fancy shoes or putting up my hair." I say getting out of the chair to change out of this thing. "Marsie it's called a dress." She says "I.Don't Care. Thing suits it better." I say running to my room to change.

I change into a black t-shirt with my training centers logo on it and red shorts. Then I run back down stairs. "This is what I shall wear like it or not." I say and sit down and begin to eat. "Whatever,but you'll be the only one." She replys "So? Its better then that thing." I say. "I mean it's like a death trap waiting to happen!" I say trying not to yell. "Marcie you could at least wear a nice shirt." Mom says "No." I reply picking at my bread. "I want to be comfy not unable to move." "You could move just fine." Mom says back "Not fast enough." I mutter. Getting up to meet Aliza before the reaping we always walk tot he reaping together. "Where are you going Marcie?" Mom asks "Where do you think?" I say opening the door. I begin to walk out when my mom yells t me to stop being so cocky. "I'M NOT BEING COCKY AT ALL!" I scream "What's got into you lately." I mutter. Hoping she did not hear me. Then I leave and make sure to slam the door extra hard.

Outside I walk to the tree near the lake. Then I wait till I hear "Macy over here!" "Coming" I say "I'm coming!" I yell back to Aliza. "Well run Macy. Or I will call you Marcie for a week!" With that a sprint to her. "Was that fast enough?" I say panting. "Yea I guess." Still panting. "Ok let's sit down I need a break." I say fanning my self and breathing heavily. "Fine whatever Mace." Aliza says siting down next to me. After a few minutes I jump up "Ok i'm good now. Race you!" "Oh your oh Mace." And we take off running to the

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