I never thought i would say thsi but i'm crying

It began with a happy day then sad :(

Chapter 1

Why did i began to cry. it's sounds dumb but it's the truth

So today i went with eva and angela to mesaure the dress for angela's quince. Then i came home and went to the store with my mom. we talked most of the way.it was fun. o our way back. I was quiet thinking of a song i heard in the morning that was beyond said. if u know spainsh look up los tigeres de northe mi sangre prisonera. Then my mom asked me wat was wrong i was about to say nothing but a song started playing i don't know the name but it was from the same band. I was looking out the window and started crying. My hair covered my face my mom didn't see. She sang along. I smile but i contiuned listening to the song.
It was about a family. The mom dies, the dad is a acholic. he is always drink. He makes his son go get money for him to buy beer. One day the boy comes home without money. and tell his dad,"Daddy,I'm sorry i didn't get any money.Please don't be mad. I'm hungry and cold. Don't talk to me if you don't want too." The dad got mad and hit the boy till he bleed and said,"I'm not your father and this ain't your house to you bring me money to drink." The boy left hungry and cold. The boy left with that in his mind. In the morning the dad open the front door and found his son dead. the boy had money in his hands. the dad lost his whole family because of drinking. Just by writing about it.My eyes and head jurt from crying now. My mom laughed when she noticed i was crying and said,"I didn't even notice since u faked a smile and ur eyes aren't red" I think there red right now. I think the reason i cried because i can relate to that song and mi sangre prisonar. My prisoner blood. It also sad. Commment if u want to know about that one.My dad drinks alot but hasn't layed a hand on me never. My mom lectures me but i understand why.I never believed i was going to live to i got old. Drinking isn't good. My dad hates my debate class. thats the main reason we now agruee. I like debate while he says it a piece of shit in spanish. so yea that song makes me cry
peace out
I feel like i'm going to cry again
-gloev glory


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