Written By A Friend

Written By A Friend

Chapter 1

Please Just Let Me Go

Please just let me go
If I wanted to stay I could
But I need to go
I need to get far away from here and everything that comes with it
Just let me go
Let me be on my way and choose my own path
If I chose to stay, what would there be for me to do
Except wither away and die slowly
I want to ask this one last favour, please wipe the tears from your eyes
I do not want to see you cry, the last thing I want to know is your smile
Your smile that is the only thing, the only thing that can bring me warmth
Hold me in your arms and keep me warm while I slip away into a cold place
Keep looking into my eyes, see my pain and give me light as I slip away into a dark place
Take my hand and hold me tight while I fall down and down into an endless place


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