A Madman With A Box (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

This is a fan fiction of the show called Doctor Who. Some people might know who that is and some people might not. This story might blow your mind. Well, I hope it does...

This is a love story, but that cheesy...

Chapter 1

Character Information

My Character:

Name: Keri Devils
Age: 23 (5 months younger than Archie)
Appearance: Raven black hair to her waist, tan skin, always jeans(shorts too), hazel eyes, wears a necklace that she never takes off (http://www.rubberstampplantation.com/store/graphics/00000002/BoneNecklace_hook.jpg), medium tall, model thin
Personality: Knows exactly who she is, not afraid to say her opinions, loves to scare Archie, hates being a lady, loves the adrenaline from danger, scared to die, very good think-and-response
Relation to the Doctor: Meets him by helping him save the Earth
Other: Really likes hanging with the Doctor, was adopted when parents died when she was 1, loves to see the stars(in both sense...on Earth and in the Tardis), loves being herself with the Doctor, good thinking in bad situations

RedGoneBlue's Character:

Name: Archie (Archibald) Blue
Age: 23
Appearance: tall, skinny, longish ginger hair, blue eyes, fairly pale.
Personality: A bit unsure of himself but not gullible, sarcastic, a worrier, protective, can be brave when the need arises.
Relation to the Doctor: meets him through Keri
Other: quite jealous of the Doctor, thinks the Doctor is amazing, but terrifying at the same time. it scares him how reckless the Doctor is, and how reckless Keri becomes when they are together. he likes to always think things through, so the Doctor's spontaneity scares him, best friends with Keri.

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