Books, Pressure And Jealousy

Books, Pressure And Jealousy

Vanessa Ward is indeed successful. She's one best example of a young lucrative author. Although there's ennui in them, Vanessa Ward doesn't give up. She loves writing. She's perfect and not just as an author. But wait, something just has got to ruin the elegance... Nothing is perfect.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Vanessa Ward took a sip from the coffee cup settled next to her laptop. The warm liquid tickled her throat pleasantly and made its way down. Throughout all the exhaustive writing, coffee was something that calmed her, controlled her.

The schedule was out of hand, as always. The publishers pushed her into earlier dates all the time and she had to work on two books at the same time. If it wasn't the addiction and the pleasure, she had quit a long time ago.

Yes, above all that, Vanessa Ward, a 21-years-old city girl, loved writing. She had many successful novels even at such a young age. "The Kill" was a bestseller; even though it was her first ever story. A short one actually. "Letters and The Shadows" were the fastest selling book of all time and "Soon to Be" received 5 well-known awards.

Vanessa, being the successful writer that she is, didn't always get involved in writer's block. Mainly because all of her plots were originated and produced too well and they were all following the planned direction perfectly. Treating writer's block was not of her professions.

She let out a heavy breathe and stole her look from the words on the monitor. She looked at the room, designed richly and respectfully. It was her favorite room in the entire mansion. There were two big bookcases; both grew onto the ceiling. She hadn't got to read all of them yet, of course. It's just a collection passed on and on from her ancestors.

Yes. The Ward family had all a gene specialized for lofty writing. Or at least... most of them did.

The rest of the room contained a wide fiberboard desk, on which she was sitting on. There was a multipurpose printer on it. Along with a laptop and a study lamp. There were three natural flowers in their urns, deeply beautiful. Colored roses of course. Vanessa's favorite flowers; she didn't have a unique taste in flowers.

The room was kindled stylishly by a floor to ceiling window on the other side. As obvious, it was the perfect room for concentrating. But apparently, not that day.

She slid the chair backwards and got up. She took a final sip from the coffee cup and walked outside the room, then down the staircase and finally, into the well-designed living room. She grabbed the TV remote. Turning it on, she checked her missed calls. One from the reality show she was supposed to be interviewed on the other night. One from a publisher who has been bombing down her phone just to get the publishing rights back (They didn't accept it the first time and Vanessa was not intending on giving them another chance.) And...

"Shit," She muttered a curse. "It started again."

She had two missed calls from her younger-by-one-year sister, Valerie. Well for one, Vanessa loved her sister. But Valerie was being incredibly stingy in one manner: She wanted to get popular through her sister. And Vanessa did not like that. Not at all.

A/N: Well, what do you think? This is actually my first try at any sort of contest. Sorry if it sucks. If you don't think it sucks, please rate/comment... Any one of them is decent enough for me. Maybe rating is not gonna take more time than commenting, eh? This is a short chapter in my view. But it's also just the beginning. I'll update soon. There are gonna be only a couple of chapter.

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