Harry Potter Love Story (Harry)

Harry Potter Love Story (Harry)

I absolutely love Harry Potter, soooo I decided to make a story!
I really hope you guys like it!

Here's the deal, the chicks name is Zelda. (Me, deal with it. xD)
This is her 4th year at Hogwarts and she is a muggle-born. In Gryffindor, yadda, yadda, yadda. COMMENT FOR CHAPTER 2! :D

Chapter 1

Platform 9 and 3 quarters

by: IAmZelda
I sighed.
Once again, I leave my mum and dad to return to a school in which they have never belonged. Once again, I am going to step foot on that train and sit in a crummy compartment all alone because I have no friends. And once again, I am going to go all year lonely, friendless, and unhappy...

I walk away from my mum and dad as the train pulls up. "Goodbye mum." I say as I kiss her cheek. "Bye dad." I hug them tightly. Once I've made sure I've got my ticket and my luggage, I head towards the train.

I walk along the hallways of the train until I finally find an empty compartment. I place my bag above my seat and I set my owl, Naxilot, on the ground. I stare out the window intensely as the long ride to school starts.

A few minutes pass. I am now comfortable in my seat, reading one of Gilderoy Lockhart's ridiculous novels. I swear, I must be the only female who isn't absolutely mad over him. So he has great hair and a charming smile. He's not all that great.

I am in the middle of a sentence when I all of a sudden hear a knock on the compartment door. My eyes shot up. I see a boy. A very.. attractive boy. With green eyes, and a scar shaped like a lightning bolt.. I close my book and stand up, all the while staring into the boy's intense green eyes. I look down as I get to the door, but only to open it, then I quickly look back up at the him. He looks down at me with a kind look on his face. "Do you mind? Everywhere else is full.." He says smoothly. I shake my head. I couldn't speak, only gesture him to the seat across mine. I shut the compartment door and sit back down on the opposite bench. "I'm Harry.. Harry-" "Potter, I know" I cut him off. "The boy who lived." He smiles... A wonderfully entrancing smile. "You've heard of me.." He exclaims. I smile "Only everyday from every witch or wizard I know. You're a legend, they say." He shakes his head. "I didn't actually do anything..." At this point his smile has faded. "It was all my mum, really.." I feel sorry for him, I know I've hit a spot close to home. "I'm sorry.." I quietly say to him. He looks up at me with a smile. "It's fine. What's your name?" He asks. "I'm Zelda." I reply.
He looks at me for a few moments before speaking.. and the way he looks at me is hypnotizing... I almost forgot we were on the train.. I snapped out of my daze when he spoke. "That's.. really a beautiful name." He says to me with a smile. My face felt hot, I was probably blushing like mad. "Thanks.."
We continue to talk for a bit, about simple things. Such as owls, potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, etc. It's amazing how fast time flies when you are occupied, because before I knew it, we were at Hogwarts.

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