Chapter 3

Day 3- Who is your favourite boy and why?

I am sure I have told many people this when they ask who my favourite boy is: It is really hard for me to choose a favourite. The reason for this being that when I think I have a favourite, the other boys will all do something sweet and funny to amaze me and it just becomes impossible for me to choose.

So, seeing as all of them are my favourite boys, I am going to give a reason why each of the boys are my favourite :)

Lou- I admire how he doesn't care what people say about him, so he is able to be his silly, funny self and not even care if people think he is a douche. He has one of the best senses of humour I have ever seen and he can always make me laugh with his corny jokes.

Zayn- He is very deep and meaningful. His tweets always inspire me and I just love how he is always positive about things. He keeps to himself, and he doesn't need a big group around him. He is very wise and protective of his sisters.

Liam- What can I say? He has the biggest heart, and just goes out of his way to make other people happy. I love all that he does for his fans. He is able to have fun and be funny, but he knows when to go into serious mode when things need to be done. He is mature beyond his years.

Niall- Niall just has a caring personality. Have you heard that he is doing a charity event in Mullingar on his birthday? What a little sweety! He adores his fans and I love that he laughs at everything and just enjoys life. I also admire how he can eat as much as he likes and doesn't care one bit. He doesn't accept himself, but he also doesn't know how special he is to me and many others. My special little snowflake.

Hazza- Harry is a cheeky little chappy. He is funny and charming, he has a true appreciation for women. He will always stick up for himself and his fans, and he tries to not let the hate get to him. If I knew him personally, I would say he is one of the most caring and well manored guys I have ever known.

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