Chapter 28

How important are they to you? How are they important to you?

I have said this time and time again, but really it will never change. The boys are the most important people in my life. In my world, they are part of my family. I love them so much, and they have made the last 7 months of my life the happiest I have ever had. Everyone has noticed how much happier I have been since I have become a Directioner. The boys inspire me. They inspire me to never give up, chase my dreams, try, and try again. Even if you face dissapointment, pick yourself back up and try again. I can relate to them so well. Through all this fame, they have remained themselves, and they have remained down to earth. They always have time for their fans and they are so grateful to everyone who have helped them to get where they are today. They are so hard working and determined, amazing and beautiful, they have the most angelic voices and they are just beautiful angels. The most amazing people I have ever known. People always say that it is just an obsession that I will be over by next year, but it is really not possible for me to ever forget 5 people who have done so much for me without even knowing. I love the boys more than anyone knows and I will love them until the day that they die.

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