Chapter 27

Day 27- How do you feel about One Direction's fan base? Love it or hate it?

I have mixed feelings about the 1D family, actually. On the good side, we are all like a family. We may not know each other personally, but the one thing that we have in common and the one thing that brings us all together is our love and our desire to support the boys. We aren't just friends; we are a family. We can talk to each other about things and know that they will listen to us, even if they are only sitting on a laptop halfway across the world, reading our tweet. Every celebrity says that they have the best fans in the world, but I truly believe Directioners are the best fans; and not just because I am one. I haven't met one Directioner that isn't willing to do anything for the boys, who isn't willing to die for our boys. And that's what I love about us; we are so dedicated and we will all pull together to help out our boys in any way we can. On the bad side, we can get very aggresive and stalkerish sometimes. Usually the stalker part is a good thing, though :P Sometimes Directioners get jealous of other Directioners because they are prettier, have met the boys, been to more concerts etc. etc. Some 'Directioners' also send hate to the boys and their familes, which if they do, they have no fvucking right to be called a Directioner. So, yeah... But mostly I love the fanbase.

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