Can't We Just Fall In Love? (A Harry Potter Love Story) Year: 4

Dark. Dark things are coming. I can feel it in my bones. I can see it in my dreams. But, it can't be happening. On an upside of being me, Fiona Katherine June, schools going back in session! Oh my friends. My love he ever going to ask me out, or anything? Well that's whats going my life, I guess you all like to hear about it!

Year Four

Chapter 1

We're back!


Darkness was what filled my dreams. Flashes of things that couldn't be true. A gigantic snake. Grave yards. Old rotting house. This gave me chills down my spine. no no! It was his voice, the voice that made me sick. A voice I've heard few times. Mostly in my dreams. Something that reminded me of death. Killing, some one was dying and he was killing them. I had to stop him! I had to! That snake slithered up a staircase and I ran. Something sparkled in the air. Green. Then sheer black danced across my eyes....

I had never sat up so fast. My hands went to my eyes, rubbing them. Heat. My head was really hot. Why? I through my sheets off my bed, touched my toes to the ground and peered out the window. The sun was just rising. Thank god it was morning. Not another dream. I've been having the same type of dream for about 2 weeks now.

"Fred, Stop it! Your going to wake Fiona up!," Aunt Molly yells obviously at Fred, or maybe it was George. Well I was already up, so it doesn't matter.

"It's alright Aunt Molly!," I shout sleepily. I was use to it. Just about 4 years now, I have been living here. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Well with the parents I barely knew, or with my godparents, which up until 4 years ago, I though they were my real parents.

Walking down all the stairs made me dizzy in the mornings. I could smell Aunt Molly cooking in the Kitchen. All the Gingers were at the table today! I always felt slightly left out, seeing I didn't exactly have red hair. I had a tint of it but not much. Sitting down I grabbed some pancakes, no one had said anything to me yet, which was surprising. On a normal day I got a ''Good morning Fiona!" or at least a "Can you pass the butter?" But nothing today, everyone seemed to engrossed in their own conversations. Had they forgotten what day it was? I mean it only comes once a year..?

"Are we getting Harry today?" I ask them maybe trying to help them recall the date it was. Uncle Arthur shot up.

"I almost forgot something!" He spoke loudly noisily getting up from the table, Oh thank god he remembered, "Floo Powder!"

I sigh "That's very Important huh?"

"Well duh Fi, if we don't have it-" Fred started to say
"We wouldn't be able to go anywhere!" George finished
"Sometimes I think you forget your a wizard," Fred sarcastically says. I stuck my tongue out at him and continued to eat my breakfast.

"We're leaving in 10 minutes!" Mr. Weasley shouts to us from the fire place. He was getting things ready.

Ron and I ran up the stairs at the same time. We were racing each other. I know we're two fourteen year old's racing each other up the stairs.

"I win!" I shout victoriously. Ron was taking some deep breathe.

"Yeah yeah just this time," Ron says sighing

"More like every time," I snicker. He glare but laughs.

Ginny catches up with us, "Can I go with you guys?"

"No, you have to stay here." Ron says in his big brother way.

"Why?" Ginny asks now sad. I wasn't one to say no to her, I always let Ron have that job.

"Because you have to stay and help mum Ginny," Ron explains

"With....oh yeah. I forgot" Says Ginny surprised. I looked at the two of them.

"With what?" I ask. Neither of them said anything. Ron instead told me we would be leaving soon and to get ready. Obviously there was something going on....

"You won't tell me either huh?" I ask Ginny one last time. She was sitting in my room as I picked out my days outfit. She shook her head, yet smiled.

"Well then if your not going to tell me, get out!" I laugh, she rolled her eyes and had her devious Ginny smiled planted on her face.

"You'll thank me later!" She says as she leaves. Well then...


"Alright everyone, let's be off now! Were running late!" Uncle Arthur announces from to fireplace. All of us who were going ran over to him.

"Can we please hurry!" I tell Fred and George who were stuffing their pockets with their magic candies and such.

"You just want to see your Harry-kins!" Fred says teasing me. I felt my face get red.

"Just hurry up you two!" I shout. They both laugh and waltz over to Ron and Arthur.

"We all know where were going," Uncle Arthur asks up, we nod,"Right I'll be going first, then Ron, Fiona you can go next and Fred and George at the end."

He steps into the fireplace, shouts the address and throws the Floo Powder. Disappearing with just a trace of blue flames. Ron went next and then it was my turn. The dirty old fireplace was so much more useful then it looked honestly. For means of travel at least.

"4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey!" I shout throwing the powder to the ground. Then Poof! I was out of there!

Darkness was what greeted me. I began to panic. Had I said it wrong? Where was I?

"Fiona?" Ron's voice asked meekly. I could barely make out his figure in the dark.

"Yeah. Where are we?" I ask him trying to find a wall or something. I did and leaned against it.

"Look's like someone boarded up the fireplace.." Arthur explains. I took my wand out of my pocket and used 'Lumos' it helped, but I noticed that all 5 of us could not fit in this space.


"Fred!" Ron yells as he elbows him in the chest during his landing

"Oh hello there Ronald!" He says sarcastically, "George will be here- Ouch!"

George was now here too. 5 wizards. 1 fire place. Couldn't get better?

"Mr. Weasley?" A faint voice from behind the boarding asks. Kinda sounds like-

"Harry!" Ron shouts pounding on the wood, "Let us out!"

"Like that's going to help Ron," I sarcastically say.

"Fi? You're here too?" Harry asks laughing.
I didn't have time to answer since Fred and George were giving me the googly eye looks. I started hitting both of them; out of embarrassment and anger for the twins.

Soon there was some arguing. Must be Harry's Uncle and Aunt. Dudley is probably just standing there like his fat self as always....

"Harry, Harry stand back I'm just going to open the fire place!" Uncle Arthur says to a un answering Harry. ,"Alright then!"

The four of us kids pushed back into the farther wall, and Flash!. Smoke and pieces of wood were scattered. I began to cough, and wave my hand from some of the debris. Finally, a boy with glasses, brilliant green eyes and shaggy jet black hair emerged into view.

"Hey Harry!" I say coughing but smiling. Harry smiled back.

We've got him back!

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