Burn Our Bridges

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Chapter 2

No Satisfation

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October 14~
6:45 AM~

The alarm clock started screaming. It pierced through the deafening silence that had kept me lying awake all night. I decided to let it ring. There was no one else in the house for it to wake up. My parents leave for work at 5, and normally the only people would be Richard and I. Now that he's gone, I had no reason to turn off the incredibly repetitive device. It was always a sound he hated. He claims he would wake up five minutes before his clock went off just so he could turn it off.

He would have come in by now. He would have either hit the snooze button or pulled the cord out of the outlet. Richard would be complaining about how much of a pest I was because I let it ring on purpose just to get on his nerves.

Since he wasn't here, though, I let it ring. I laid there in the warm bed, listening, waiting. Slowly, I turned my head and look at the time. Twenty minutes had already gone by, and I was still the only one left. With a sigh, I forced myself to a sitting position and pressed the 'Off' button.

Today was one of those days. I could tell already. You know those days. Those days when it hurts to move. Those days when you feel like everything has crashed around you and there is no hope. Those days when you just don't want to do anything but sit there. Those days when it hurts just to breathe. Those days when you feel like a black hole has taken refuge in your very soul and is sucking all of the life out of your veins.

It was definately one of those days.

And I have school. Of course, the thought of skipping jumped in my mind. Then again, so did the thought of committing suicide. I wouldn't do either, though. Both options would give everyone that taunted me at school satisfaction. They get no satisfaction. I would not give in to their pressure. Never.

I swung my feet over the edge of the bed. It took me a few deep, painful breaths to force myself to stand up and get ready.

Today was going to be a long day...

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