Kat and Jade :)

We figured since we send you guys alot of stories about us and our life and what goes on, it'd be better if we'd make this.
This is going to be one gigantic book with chapters we'll create about us, instead of sending you guys those annoying stories over and over again xDxD
Hope you guys enjoy and please read xDxD

Chapter 1

Sistah From Another Mistah xDxDxD

Conversation with Jade and Kat :)

Kat: Can you throw me my sweatpants?
Jade: Yeah, hold on, my push up bra is killing me!
Kat: Mine too, it's like making my boobs really sensitive. Adjusts bra with Jade
Jade: Here. throws sweats
Kat: Thanks a bunchies.
Jade: Did you know that Sebastian and Aaron want to try out for a different football team?
Kat: They've only told us a million times, but then we won't be able to be their little cheerleaders in the bleachers anymore :(
Jade: I know! Oh, and that boy Danny.....Mmmmm......
Kat: Goosebumps Ooooh, yummy.
Kat & Jade laugh
Jade: You want McDonald's tonight? Maira has the day off and I dont want to cook.
Kat: Eeew, do you have any idea what they put on their chicken nuggets? And their meat is completely fake.
Jade: Why you gotta be so picky?!
Kat: Why can't you just crave in-n-out?!
Jade: In-n-out suck!
Kat: Never say those words again!!!!!!
Jade: Bite me!
Kat: Eat me!
Jade: Nasty!
Kat: Schizophrenic!
Jade: WTF does that even mean!
Kat: Look it up!!!!
Jade: Tr@mp!
Kat: Wh#$ore!!
Jade: Sk@@nk!
Kat: Bi%&t@#ch!
Jade: @ hole!
Kat: A class Tr@@nny!
Jade: I love you ^-^
Kat: I love you too ^-^
Kat & Jade hug

This is us ^-^

We love each other no matter what, and always will, we are always going to be sisters and never will be apart X)

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