Baby Be Mine (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

Baby Be Mine (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

This is the story of a girl at her new school and she falls for the quarterback of the football team. She believes that it will never be a time when they will be together...

P.S.: The year is 2016. I don't know why, I just want to do that way. Call me crazy XD!
Almost forgot, Michael looks like the one in the picture or from the thriller era....either one.
P.S. 2: I DID NOT copy this story. The name popped in my head the other day and I wanted to make it into a story.

Chapter 1


These are the characters to my new story, ''Baby Be Mine''. The story circles around a 16 year old girl, her friends, and her crush. Will they break the rules of high school together? Or will Michael just ignore her and pretend that she doesn't exist? Find out in this teenage love story starring our beloved Michael Jackson. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! :D

Aaliyah Jennings
Age: 16 years old (Born May 11, 1999)
Hair: Long, brown, wavy, about the mid section of her back in length.
Eyes: Dark brown
Body: Slim and a little curvy
Personality: Laid-back, tomboyish, child-like, clever, a natural born dancer, even though she's a little tough she has a sweet nature.
Physical Features: Two piercings in each ear, a small tattoo of her name in cursive on her chest (I know she's 15), contacts.

Michael Jackson
Age: 17 years old (Born August 29, 1998)
Hair: Black and curly
Eyes: milk chocolate brown
Body: Lanky arms but has a little muscle but has toned abs
Personality: Child-like, funny, cute as a button, acts like a regular teenage boy but is....different...
Physical Features: One ear piercing

Trinity Winters
Age: 16 years old (Born December 15, 1999)
Hair: Short blonde hair with extensions.
Eyes: Blue
Body: Skinny and a little lanky but loves to eat
Personality: Child-like, hilarious, crazy nice, crazy but in a good way....sometimes.
Phys. Features: a piercing on each ear and one on the naval, a heart butterfly tattoo on her lower back.

Jamya Collins
Age: 17 (Born May 6, 1999)
Hair: curly black hair, shoulder length
Eyes: Brown eyes
Body: skinny and tall
Personality: Hilarious, a little bit of a smart***, crazy nice, child-like
Phys. Features: A piercing in each ear and on her tougue (I know), a cherry tattoo on her shoulder.

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