Updates On My Life

What the title says. What's currently happening.

Chapter 1

Sept. 4

Somehow, I managed to get roped into volenteering to help out the little Fishies on Orentation Day (thanks a lot, mom). One question: how am I supposed to help a sixth grader open their locker when I can't even open my own locker?

Well, maybe it wasn't so bad. I got bragging rights. Four new rules exist because of me, Dead Body, Montoya Montoya, and Wolf Person:

-Vitamin Water is not water, even if the name says water, and water is the first ingredient. This point is not debatable. Especially not with a teacher in the middle of math class.

-You must have a pass to enter the hall in non-passing time. Also, you must have a pass to use brooms (I blame Dead Body for the broom fight.).

-Do not attack your friends on sight. This includes throwing bowling balls/pins at them in PE.

-You may not threaten to sue teachers for invasion of privacy wham they demand to see your homework. Especially if you didn't do it.

Now it's time for a list of stuff you won't understand without explaination.
-Dead Body/Dead Stuff/Crash Monkey: Amanda. Wolf Person/Skull Face's best friend. Eighth grader.

-Skull Face/Steve/Ashton: Me. Dead Body/Wolf Person's best friend. Seventh Grader.

-Montoya Montoya: Stella. Homeschooled this year. Awesome person. Seventh Grader.

-Wolf Person: Jaylene. Dead Body/Skull Face's best friend. Eighth grader.

-Fishy: Sixth grader.

-Shrimp: Fifth grader.

-Plankton: Fourth grader.

-Fishy 1: Britanie. One of Skull Face, Wolf Person, and Dead Body's friends/recruited Fishies.

-Fishy 2: Elenor, another sixth grade friend.

-Shark: Seventh grader.

-Killer Whale/Orca: Eighth grader.

I think that's about it.

Other Stuff:
-Dream On: Dead Body, Wolf Person, and Skull Face's plan to win the best role model award. (It won't happen. Unless people are sarcastic...)

-Summer Dumbness: When you go back to school, immediately get roped into making a sign for one of the teachers, and glue half the letters on backwards.

-Nobel Prize for Idiodicy: Dead Body's invention. To be presented to anyone she feels deserves it.

That's it for now... I hope you enjoyed this.


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