teens go to war

So im a nerd, so this is a scy fy story
If u have any questions or ideas mssg me :)
Oh, and the main character is just me, makes life easier

Chapter 1

why this is happening

by: cjcj
So a few months ago, a spaceship landed in front of the washington monument. I was there on a class trip when it happened. A weird creepy alien staggered out of it, dark, with a big head and long legs. Of course instantly the army showed up and made us leave. The ship and its inhabitants were shipped away and we didnt see another thing of them.
But with all the videos and pictures we got, the goverment couldnt deny that this happened. So there were mobs of people outside of every govement building. So the president made a national bodcast. The alien was dyeing, but had come in peace. They were currently in the process of communicating with it thrue a communicator it brought.
So after a while. Another brodcast was made... actually many brodcasts, each countries leader telling the same thing. Apparently there was an alien army terroizing the galaxy. Many of the major species that would fight back, have been wipped out. Exept for us, if we were willing. already made ships will be arriving in a year, untill the we will train.
But theres one flaw. The enemy has a major weapon that will destroy all people on a ship, exept for people below the age of 18. So any teen with parental permission can join the military to fight for there planet. Therell also be sciences and stuff that dont require permission. Other kids will be sent invitations, kids with advanced talents that is. This is my story...

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