How to be a good Quibblo user.

How to be a good Quibblo user.

Due to (un)popular demand, I've written a rant on how to be the "perfect" Quibblo user. Tips, ratings and opinions will be very appreciated.

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Chapter 1

The one and only chapter one

by: FerSure
So, I'm guessing everyone has heard of the older Quibblo users complaining about the new generation users or maybe seen fights between Quibblo users. Or maybe you're just here because you're new and want to be popular, let me tell you: DON'T achieve popularity through drama. Read on for several points on how to be a good Quibblo user...

1. Do not bring drama to the site.

This is the complaint of many Quibblo users, and mine too. I'm aware there are things in life that just makes us want to break down. For that, message a user of trust, or make one story about it. That's it. Your friends won't like it much if you "spam" their inboxes with continuous stories about the bad in your life. They may delete you, and you may end up being famous but having bad fame.

Besides, many users as myself use the site to escape the drama of the real life, so bringing more drama on Quibblo just makes it worse.

2. Be polite.

Now, I'm telling you this because I've seen people start fights on here over the most trivial things. I'm not saying "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all", because I'm so much against that phrase. I believe you have the right to state your opinion, but please KEEP A LEVEL OF RESPECT. Don't: call names, bring out rude arguments or tell people their opinions are wrong. Which brings me to my next point.

3. Respect other's opinions.

If I believe being gay has nothing wrong, and people respect my opinion, why do you have to bash the one who believes it's wrong? It's immature to tell people their beliefs are wrong. Because after all, that's what they are: THEIR beliefs. Not yours, not mine, not Katniss Everdeen's. Every human being has different opinions and they should be respected.

You have to be understanding too.

4. Post quality material

Like I said, if you wish to be famous don't make your base off drama. Earn it, by making good stories/quizzes. If you want to have an idea of what you should post, here's the do's and the dont's:

DO - stories, poems, rants (yes, these are acceptable because they make Quibblo users think), personality quizzes, scored quizzes, polls, surveys, GOOD questions and etc.
People also like proper spelling and good research never hurts.

DON'T- stories about personal problems,unimportant "please reads", reposts, stories bashing other users, questions announcing your every action, "random"(the ones that make no sense) quizzes and "how much do you know about me?" Quizzes.
Im not saying you shouldn't post these, Im just saying it should be in moderation.

5. Use text talk or excessive punctuation.

I know some users (including myself) aren't fluent in English or have a hard time spelling so I'm not saying you should write like a genius, but progress never hurts.

Now, about text talk: it's really not professional. There's some words, that yes, you an use such as "lol" or "idk" but no one likes a sentence like this:

"HAY GURL he t0tally didn't just do dat!1!1!1!1!"

There's an example of what I mean by excessive punctuation. People don't like that either.

6. Make friends

Mother always told me, success in life comes from the relationships you build and now I see how that is true. If you notice, the people who are popular on Quibblo is because they message a lot off users and are in a bunch of "top friends" lists. Aim for having more real friends rather than "number" of friends. Have as an example, there's users with over a thousand friends who are barely known and there's some with under 500 who are known by the whole website. Besides, friends are fun!

7. Take quizzes.

I'm not saying you should take EVERY quiz you get sent, because I don't do that either since last year. But from time to time, when your inbox is empty, try to go check out someone's quizzes, and rate. Maybe comment. I'm not someone who can concentrate very well on something (trust me, this is the third time I type this whole story) but sometimes I try to read parts of stories, rate and leave a nice comment/ constructive criticism. Also, help those users who are new. You may never know to where they get, so take their quizzes and give them support!

8. No spam

This one is self explanatory. Don't post "if you don't do this, slenderman will get you" comments. I'm sure even Granny Space Potatoes hates this.

9. Accept criticism

Sometimes, people will not like something you've done/ written. And that's perfectly fine. I'm not saying you SHOULD do what the person said, but I'm saying that you shouldn't send them to LaLaland or something. Be polite. It's all about showing a level of maturity in the web.

As for hate, don't post stories about how you get hate, simply ignore it.


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